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It's Been Awhile, But Who Is Left On This Board?

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Still here.   Sometimes it feels as if everything has either been said or is available on the wider net. In the very early days, there was nowhere near as much info out there. Besides the sanuk aspe

I don't know how old timer I be, but quite a few, like me have achieved or not, the goal of their dreams. And many like me, I feel used this board as access to the life, a glimpse of the dream.   Ad

I've only recently managed to log in again after an absence of six or seven years.   This was/is a nice easy going forum which was always informative and well moderated. It's a bit upsetting to see

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I think the most board members have already provided their insights long ago and now they/we are jaded an can't be bothered to contribute much more other than their/our own vanity interests.

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ipad generation wont know what a mouse is......not many are of that generation here mind you :wink:


I'm battling a twat of a wireless mouse and keyboard which is having a mind of its own recently. Fucker is chewing through batteries as well (rechargeable though).

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Move the mouse arrow over the poster's name and the date will show.



I must have a whole bunch of pop up blockers on my TRS 80 computer. Cause nothing shows up.


Why not just place it there like the Good Old Days !

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