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Ship Inn Closed

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I heard the other night that the Ship Inn (Suk Soi 23) had closed and, along with the unit next door, is going to be turned into a gogo bar.


I walked past yesterday, on my way to the Crossbar, and indeed the Ship Inn is closed, the outside seating area demolished and what would appear to be a new glass shopfront installed. The unit next door is also empty.




I only popped into the Ship occassionally however it is still sad to see yet another "institution" close. :(


Also surprised that the new owners will be able to open a gogo bar on the street as I would have assumed they were restricted to Soi Cowboy! :dunno:

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I was quite disappointed about a month ago to find the Ship Inn gone, since it was one of my favourites. I'd stop for dinner there any time I went to Cowboy, which was just around the corner. It was good value for the money and had been there for over 20 years. The owner - from Kent - died a couple of years ago, but his wife was running it and keeping up the standards. I last ate there maybe 2 months ago, and no one said a word about it closing. I wonder what happened.


Just what the area needs, another gogo bar. I hope they lose their shirt on it! :(





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