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In January this year I was drinking at a bar in Soi 4 during a heavy downpour when across the road in the small lane next to Hillary 4 there was an almighty cracking sound. The electrical cables began to violently sway so hard that the concrete post even started rocking back and forward.


Now we all know that the electrical infastructure in most of Thailand is not what you would call of a safe standard, but what really shocked me was that within minutes (while still raining) a couple of workmen were up on the awning down the lane next to the cables banging away with a couple of big wrenches.


I was reminded of the incident by the horrific image below which was sent to me. This took place somewhere in Bangkok but they did not state where. As a construction manager I have to keep up to speed on all aspects of safety and often get sent articles. This one in particular stood out as it reminded me of that day in January this year.


I would be interested to know if any stats are kept on industrial an or workplace accidents causing death in Thailand.


Any thought?



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