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Building A New Desktop


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In the market for a new PC (Desktop) and was recommended a website (ebay seller actually) by one of the computer dudes at work. Just after a bit of advice on whether this will do the job, or if I can add things to it to make it better. To be honest the thing I use my PC for most is forums, googling, banking, spreadsheets, emails, tax stuff - pretty basic. Plus booking the odd holiday of course!

The most complex software I'm looking at using is Flight Simulator X with a few add on packs. Could also start doing a bit of gaming, but nothing hard core (there's a bloke at work who has a full on race car set up in his spare room... that won't be me).


Here's the shopping list so far:


INTEL Core i7 3770 Intel 3.4 Turbo Boost to 3.9

Quad Core 1TB Hard Drive 12 GB RAM

Windows 7

HD7750 Video Card 2GB

24" Monitor

Keyboard, Mouse, Wireless


A few conundrums...

1. is 12GB RAM enough or overkill? Standard is 8, and I'm paying more for 12 but it's only another $25 to go 16.

2. The Video Card listed above - will it do the job? Should I pay another $100 to go the next model up HD 7850? Or something else entirely?

3. Monitor - LED or LCD better (both cost about the same).

4. Is there something I've forgotten, other than speakers, software/virus etc (can get Office through work for nicks).


All up the above set up will set me back $1050 which I'm pretty happy with (similar set ups in store down here are all over $2000), but want to make sure I'm getting what I need.

I understand i7 may be more than I need, but through this mob it isn't costing much more than i5 or i3, the money is in the video card from what I read...


I realise the price is a lot cheaper than going to the shops (at least down here), but the techno dudes at work have bought a few and they haven't missed a beat. We (Aussies) get royally shafted with PC / Electronic stuff.... don't get me started on cameras...


All input greatly appreciated.

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The 7850 is probably not worth it if you are not into serious gaming. You never have enough ram but it looks like your are good for quite some time. Don't think you will need a 1394 card unless you have a specific requirement for such.

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LED is usually better in color fidelity and energy efficiency. Is it an IPS panel?


Also check the power supply! I would chose at least a 650W. Make sure it has a good Energy Efficiency rating and is quiet.


Check that the HDD is 7200 rpm. Look into getting a small SSD (64 GB) to load the OS and Programs. That will launch programs 10X faster than a HDD.

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Thanks lads - Have discovered Option 2 which may suit


i7 3770 3.4/3.9

z77 IB Chip (previous was the H77)

2GB Radeon HD 7750 PCI-Express Video Card

16GB DDR3 1333 RAM

Hitachi 2TB SATA 3 HD

24" Acer LED

Microsoft Win 8


Network Card: Gigabit 10/100/1000 Fast Network Card (Integrated)*

Card Reader



* - is this to connect to my WiFi? Reason I ask is the next thing the description says is "Wireless Network Card" - N/A

* -Wireless Network Card internal if required $28


$1153 all up


Another option to add SDD:

Kingston V300 Series SATA3 60G +$65; 120G $100

Samsung 840 120G $100; 250G $190; 500G $415


which would take it to around $1200-1250.



Added bonus with these guys is they are not far from me (previous was in Sydney) and I have bought one from them before.

Thanks for the tips

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