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Building A New Desktop


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After doing the rounds, narrowed it down a bit - thinking along these lines


Option 1


i7 3770 z77 chip

RAM - 8 GB DDR3 upgraded to 16 GB (1333 Mhz - may be upgradable to 1600 if necessary - forgot to ask)

2TB HDD Hitachi 7200rpm

SSD - 60GB - would 120 be overkill?

2GB Radeon 7750 Video Card (GDDR5)

Keyboard, Win 8, card reader, wifi etc..


around $1300


Option 2 (may be cheaper)


i5 3570 H77 chip

8GB DDR3 RAM 1600

2TB HDD 7200 rpm

2GB 7750 Video Card (as above)

Keyboard etc


$829 - but would have to ask about other upgrades ie Windows ($100), SSD, extra RAM if necessary. I'd guess it would bring me just over the $1000 mark.


... thanks again for advice.

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The SSD will hold the OS and Program Files, while the HDD will hold your data files (My Documents). 60GB is sufficient. 8GB of RAM is enough, unless you are running multiple VMs.


Be sure to consider noise. The power supply, case, cpu heat sink, and video card are the main sources of noise. Get at least a Bronze rated power supply.


The i5 is powerful enough to run all your workload. The incremental performance bump from the i7 would be imperceptible.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Quick re cap for anyone interested... Have been convinced to build the box myself... I know, I know, but some of the lads at work (computer dudes, not the other kind) have promised it aint too hard if you're patient... hmm.. we'll see. In any case the box I've sort of picked out works for me... saved a few bucks and there's nothing in there I don't need, unlike most all of the ore packaged PC's... have a look. Prices are AUD, which at the time of writing is just under the USD = around 30 baht/$


Motherboard - AsRock z77 PRO 3 = $89

SSD 120GB Kingston V300 = $96

HHD WD Black 1TB SATA 3 FAEX = $88

HD 7770 1GB Graphic Card = $105*

i5 3570k = $248

RAM 8GB Kingston Hyper X = $65

Case - CoolerMaster 430 or 431 = $80 (includes 500w PSU)*

Wireless Network Card TP LInk WN851ND = $20

Win 8 64 bit = $98


All up $889 which isn't bad IMO.


* - I may go up a bit with the graphics card but from all reviews I read the 7770 will do the trick, also not so sure on the 500w power supply, may upgrade this to 650/700 with a better case which would add on around $50-100


Plus the monitor, keyboard etc around $200. Have to go wireless at this stage, as the phone line is up the other end of the love shack to my porn downloading, watching & wanking room office.


If there's something glaringly obvious that I've stuffed up, please yell out....

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Thanks lads, baa - on consultation with my "dudes" at work have gone for a slightly groovier case, and the exact PSU you recommend (650w bronze), as well as an extra fan (case only comes with one).


Hadn't thought of a silent PSU, KS - have checked out the price list from the shop and looks like it's doable, will investigate.


Thanks again lads.

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By George I've done it!.. Piece of piss - granted I spent a bit more time than the "couple of hours" suggested by the lad at work, and a LOT longer then the "20 minutes" suggested by one website guru. When you unbox the thing and there's wires every which way but loose it is a bit daunting, but patience, taking your time and not getting stressed are the keys.


Never done it before and it all went without a (major) hitch. Had the trusty laptop and googled a few things along the way. For the life of me I can't imagine why suppliers of pc components supply a DVDROM rather than a printed instruction manual with their products... think about it.


The only minor hiccups were the monitor - a bit of the stand was missing out of the box so I couldn't stand it up properly, as was the sata cable to connect the dvd drive to the motherboard so I couldn't install OS etc last night - could have "borrowed" the wire from one of the drives I guess but it was getting late and I was getting tired. It fired up ok though and everything (except dvd) was recognised and running..


Anyone who enjoyed building model planes as a kid - I highly recommend the experience. I'd never done it before, and had a ball.. hopefully the thing doesn't blow up~!

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