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Building A New Desktop


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I used to build my own desktop PCs...ten years ago.


Now, I just buy a lap top and use that even as a desktop.


Years ago, there was a price difference allowing you to save $$$ by building

your own. Now a days, maybe cheaper to buy the lap top :dunno:

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Still have our trusty laptop cav, one of the main reasons for getting a desktop (apart from being able to do groovier things with it since it's newer) is the bigger screen. Was a bit of fun building it though. Didn't save a huge amount of cash - probably would have cost me another $100 for the computer shop guys to build it but that's not the point (ref model planes). I built exactly what we need, or what we think we'll need, with the ability to add stuff on later should we see the need. Not many of the "packages" available were exactly what we were after. As for that bracket for the monitor.... found it... was hiding in a box.

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Congrads on passing the smoke test. :bang:



I have a desktop that is used as a compute server, file server, video server, etc. Tell me how much a laptop costs that has 6 cores, 16GB RAM, and 6.5 TB of storage.


No idea, but me thinks could not fit all that into a lap top, but never shopped for such a machine.


OK, how much did you spend?


Is there a lap top with all that gear inside??

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