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Tree Fellers In Laos

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My Mrs told me about an uncle, who was walking from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai (or something like that) when he was a young monk. He curled up for the night under a takian tree. He insisted that a Nang Takian appeared and tried to arouse him sexually, in violation of his vows. :hmmm:

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Every time I look at that it cracks me up....


I think Munchie deserves a Gold star....or at least a green kangaroo stamp on his work page


That really is one of....(IF NOT THE) wittiest posts I have ever read


I tips me hat to ya Munchie......


If ya coming down to "The Beach" during your extended stay....please give me a PM...

It's Low season jing jing....and whilst I don't partake these days....I still know where to sight see....the sights



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