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Dengue Patient Total Doubles

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The number of patients infected with dengue fever has doubled to an average of 570 a day over the past week as the country braces for the worst dengue season in memory, health officials warn.


According to the Public Health Ministry, a total of 39,029 people have been treated for dengue from the start of the year to June 4. Half of the patients were children aged below 15 years.


So far, 44 people have died from the disease, which peaks in the rainy season.


Dr Narong Sahametapat, the ministry's permanent secretary, told TNN that experts had predicted Thailand this year would see at least 100,000 dengue cases with more than 100 deaths, a three-fold increase from last year and the highest of all time.


Countries throughout Southeast Asia including Singapore have been on high alert and are working to eliminate potential breeding grounds for the Aedes mosquitoes that carry dengue.


In Thailand, according to Dr Narong, hospitals and clinics this past week saw 4,000 patients, or an average of 570 per day and double from a week earlier.


He said the main reason was the rise in the number of common house mosquitoes, leading to an increased risk of residents being bitten.


The mosquitoes are also breeding at higher rates with 100-200 eggs at a time. The easiest way to eradicate them is at the larval stage.


Therefore, the ministry is urging all households to throw away water left in some containers and to turn the containers upside-down.


The ministry has also sought cooperation from 23,000 schools to start a campaign on June 15, also Asean Dangue Day, to destroy possible breeding areas.


Students will also be encouraged to inspect their homes every week for possible larva sources as well.




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Thanks for the update.


I've talked about this in my topic in Health Forum, but one thing I didn't mention. I usually take a low dose aspirin daily. However knowing Dengue was bad this year, about a week before I left I stopped taking it.


I've also been wearing long sleeves, using Deet and keeping my screen doors shut tight in Pattaya. I also live on an upper story. I've also stayed out of the gym where I was most often bitten. It's almost three months and I haven't been bitten once.

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