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It took a while to crawl from under that rock, right ?

Make sure to crawl right back under it......

Thats all you could find on me ?


This bar feels like my homebar when visiting SC, so I care about its future, the gals and of course the owner, who will be the first to admit that he drinks too much, others on this board are closer to him and it is his choice.

Oh, and I know him well, seen him 70-80+ times over the years.....you on the other hand...... :nono:




Hi BB,

I don't think that there is a required minimum of visits for to have an opinion on a bar in LOS. :beer:

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Guys, come on, in all fairness, who cares, it's a small bar in SC, a public entity. No names are mentioned. Relax. Nothing to get upset about.

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