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How Explosive Can Thai Spices Be?


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I've been told by customs at LAX that most spices are allowed. Its fruit and vegetables that aren't allowed. It's obviously easier for a 60 year old white guy to bring spices in than a 40 year old Asian woman. I'm interested in what happens at LAX next Friday.

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If you are on a flight going to the USA, different rules apply.


Yes, the TSA in the US are idiots!


I bring many items that I can buy in LOS but not at the quality that I want /need.


Most of the items in LOS are crap from China!! any items made in LOS are not alll that good.


I needed to replace a shower hose. Quick trip to Thaiwatsadu, then install the hose and glared at the leak!

Home Pro, same shit quality!!


Solution, Thai style, a roll of teflon tape...

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My experience with Thai spices - going in definitely a little explosive.


Coming out can be very explosive.


ps. Don't every make the mistake of trying to show off drunk and ordering Som Tam Ped Ped Ped Ped, and then wiping the tears from your eyes with hands coated with chili residue. VERY BAD. Nothing impresses chicks more than looking like you just got pepper-sprayed while you run to the restroom to flush out your eyes.

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