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Go Thai. Be Free - New Tat Campaing For Gay/lesbian Tourists


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​Great Slogan IMHO :yay:



website: http://gothaibefree.com


Thais Cast a Wide Net for Diverse Tourists


BANGKOK — Tolerance, the Thais have learned, is good for business.


In recent advertising and marketing campaigns, the government here in “the land of smiles†has actively gone after categories of tourists that for reasons of political sensitivity or outright discrimination are shunned in some neighboring countries.


It is the only Asian country, travel industry analysts say, that has a government-sponsored campaign — “Go Thai. Be Free.†— aimed at gay and lesbian travelers.


Thailand, which is overwhelmingly Buddhist, is also marketing itself to Muslims as a place where food prepared according to Islamic precepts is readily available and where “halal spas†offer separate facilities for women and men. All the leading shopping malls and the beach resort city of Pattaya have Muslim prayer rooms — a far cry from the widespread anti-Muslim feelings in neighboring Myanmar




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The ad is a bit puzzling.


"Go Thai, be free" is actually what the name of Thailand is: Muang Thai = The Land of the Free (people).


An un-initated might think it's an ad-hoc, opportunistic slogan that has come out of the blue.


That's me. :chinaman:

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