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How To Watch English Premier League In Thailand 2013-2016


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Well True Vision have fucked up big style and have lost out to CTH.


CTH did offer me a dish and desktop set but the signal comes from Vietnam meaning dish alignment of 122 Degrees SE in Bangkok, my balcony only goes to 100 degrees :(


I have gone for Apple TV and VPN, I have an IP Address in Sweden and UK, less than 600 Baht / Month Apple TV box was 3,800 Baht so it works out a lot less than True Vision.


Rumours are abound that AIS will allow streaming for 300 Baht / Month, only heard about this on Thai websites so far but it seems the real deal.


I love my Football and come hell or high water I will get it at home, I cannot be arsed with going to a bar at 10PM on a Saturday night to catch a game I much prefer the comfort of my own home.


The downside of UK VPN is the wife is now addicted to Coronation Street and Emmerdale Farm, DOH!

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I will use IPTV via VPN from Europe, From UK I have access to BBC IPlayer, ITV, 4 on Demand 5 Live and since my old man does not use SKY Mobile I have his ID and Password, not bad for 250 Baht / Month. I have to use Swedish VPN for the Football which is another 250 Baht, I pay for my internet anyway so no further cost.


The Apple TV is a nifty piece of hardware, I can stream 1080P via HDMI to my TV and also use my laptop as a computer at the same time, so I can basically watch footy on big screen and SKYPE my old man at the same time, not the same as being at a match as we used to 30 odd years ago but the next best thing.


Thanks for the heads up on cable companies in BKK, I know it's your field of expertise so I will also follow up this option.




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Hold, are you guys saying that EPL is no longer on True Vision? That's new to me!


Correct Cable Thai Holdings (CTH) outbid True Vision for the next 3 seasons. It is partly due to EPL teams being able to negotiate their own TV fees like Barcelona and Real Madrid in Spain and it has driven the cost through the roof.


Huumlaar the board resident expert on IPTV (Fact I know the guy in real life) has made a suggestion of alternatives whereas I have my own alternatives. I can see subscriptions of True Vision dropping substantially over the next few weeks, I cancelled mine on Saturday.


Good Luck


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How are you streaming the VPN stuff? Does the ATV let you configure the tunnel in the device itself or does it need to stream through another device? I'm looking into this now but don't want to rely on other devices, want the streaming straight from the router to the tv.


I have a question on this in the Tech section, looking for a modem/router with built in VPN so I don't need any other device.

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