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A New Adsl Modem, Router, Ap?


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Dear chums,


I need a new one, but I'd like to get it all in one box and about the only one I can find that does all (I think) I want is the Billion 7404VNOX The feature set I'm looking for includes:


Built in ADSL modem

Ethernet switch, 4 ports enough, more better I guess.

Routing, virtual server/port forwarding




Wireless AP with WPS and WDS. 802.11ac would be nice but n okay


The VPN bit seems to be the tough part, either that or getting it with the ADSL modem built in.


Any others out there?



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not sure vpn (in a router) but mentions VPN passthrough? (connecting ok to work vpn using this router indeed with default settings), but the new dlink replacement i bought yesterday at pantip is doing a great job on my TOT adsl2 line covering the full 2floor house nicely++ where the old tplink couldnt cover well ;)



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I don't think VPN pass through is going to be enough. Okay when the tunnel is created on the client, laptop, tablet etc but some of these TV streaming devices Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast etc don't have VPN integrated so they either need to stream via another device, laptop or tablet etc or the VPN tunnelling has to be incorporated in the router/modem/switch/AP.


I've only used PPTP but never had a problem setting up a connection between my devices and the far end using any router which makes me think it's only IPSEC or L2TP that need pass through or that pass through is pretty much standard.

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Just realized that I did what Mekong told me: AIS WiFi router and 1 month subscription.

It came as 4GB data for 1 month + 500MB free with the device. They say "unlimited" but it means unlimited within a month to consume 4GB.


With free Internet at the hotel (5 days) and my daughter watching her videos, it was barely enough for 2 weeks, business and pleasure combined. 5 devices can connect to te router (Huawei).


Still own it, next year, a 50B SIMM card is needed and whatever the 1 month pkg is. No contract.

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It's pretty limited as a router :p


And I'd still need vpn for BBC iPlayer :sad:


Still, Jailbreaking does add some useful functionality to an ATV for sure.


If you have access to shops in Europe I would recommend a Fritzbox router



Not cheap, but it has everything you need and more. Receives very positive reviews in Germany.


Or Daytek


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Many thanks, the Fritzbox does look quite a capable device, available in Thailand as well it seems




Seems to be the importer. Not the cheapest but looks like it does what I need. Will download the books and have a look see. With VPN, DDNS and the right port forwarding I think I can achieve all I want.

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