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Angelwitch 2, Formerly Hollywood Rock


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From Stickman's this week: "Angelwitch 2 opened on the ground floor of Nana Plaza last weekend. It can be found on the right-hand side, between Rainbow 2 and Playskool, the latter of which is currently closed for renovations. Angelwitch 2 is large with space for around 130 customers so it has the potential to overtake the original Angelwitch branch."


I checked a map, and that appears to be the old Hollywood Rock space.


I'm of mixed emotions on this. On the one hand, I have some very good memories from that club, and its decline over the last few years has really bothered me. I really wanted to see it come back. On the other hand, the way things have been going, I've felt for a while now that the best thing would be for the owners to put it out of its misery, and do something else.


Looks like they have.

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Interesting how some establishments thrive while others go into decline.


Years ago there was one place in Nana Plaza in back corner - that had recently be redone (at that time).

They made it look like a cave or caves. Interesting decor. Not sure what happened to that place.

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That was Cascade, top floor. BEAUTIFUL club, full of katooeys.


Years ago, the mamasan from Fantasia moved over to G-Spot, then down to Voodoo, and last I heard landed at Cascade. VERY good people, regardless of whether she was female, ladyboy, or what.


She was instrumental in getting me invited to tag along on Girls Night Out. With the benefit of hindsight, I suspect that most or all of the girls were in fact ladyboys. (I know one of them was, I have my suspicions about one or two others.) I also know that ALL of them were very good people, lots of fun to hang out with.

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