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Best Goal Of The Century - Roberto Carlos


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Well, just for the hell of it, I decided to come up with a post for the "Sports & Leisure" section - because I've never posted here before.


And - there is no better way to stir up trouble than to post a "superlative" claim in a controversial category - such as proposing an answer to a question like "What is the best football (soccer) goal ever scored?"


But - I think I have winner, right out of the gate. Here is the best goal ever scored - hands down:



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Guys, these are all very good goals - but all except Kanu's (and the Carlos free kick) are balls fed to a striker who is operating in the vicinity of the goal - with that striker attacking the goal. Carlos was basically playing a fast moving ball that was within a balls diameter of the goal line, 29 meters to the side of the goal, and he was not even moving in the direction of the goal.


Carlos' free kick was outstanding - but that is a shot that he had practiced many times, and he had all the time in the world to prepare himself precisely for that kick.


Kanu's goal would have been comparable - if he had been facing the goal line, moving at max speed toward the goal line, and if the ball would have been within 20 cm of the goal line, and moving fast toward that goal line. Instead, he was facing the goal, pretty much stationary, about two meters inboard from the goal line, and kicking a pretty much stationary ball.


All the goals nominated are VERY worthy goals - but all seem possible. Carlos's goal seems all but impossible.


Anyway - Cheers! I shall say no more - but shall wait to see what other gems might appear.

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