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Best Goal Of The Century - Roberto Carlos

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The best one ever in my book






Got to agree with you on the Bergkamp goal, my favourite of the Premier League era, and this is coming from a born in the wool United fan.


I must admit the one scored by a young 16 year old against Arsenal still brings a smile to my face (OK he was a few days short of his 17 birthday)



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Genius or jammy? Definitely genius. :bow:


Even I admit that was genius.


I often get accused of seeing the game through United tinted glasses but nothing could be further from the truth, I like the game and appreciate skill and for me that goal was pure class.


Glad to see Limbo posted the Van Basten goal from Euro 1988, Zaad and I were discussing that finish on the football thread just the other day.


One that often gets overlooked was Maradona goal against England Mexico '86, everyone remembers the "Hand of God" goal but forget about this piece of skill.


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For me it has to be the Villa goal.


The Bradford one came through a bunch of players and the keeper was unsighted but the Villa strike the keeper had a clear view of the shot but could do nothing about it.


My Father thinks the one against Barca was his best strike given the occasion second leg of European Cup Quarter Final 2008 with the score at 0-0, we did go on and lift Old Big Ears that year thanks to Terry's slip haha.


Scholes is my favourite player of all time.



If you are ever in Bangkok and happen to see a Roy Keane look alike wearing a Scholes 18 Shirt, that would be me.

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