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Gee, I Wonder How She Feels About Redheads .... :)


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I rarely take much interest in the cookie-cutter paragraphs most ladies have in their online profile, but this grabbed my attention :


*I do not like stating this but I feel I have to. SORRY!* • MALAY / MUSLIM men: NOT INTERESTED • AFRICANS: NOT INTERESTED • Age 33 and below: NOT INTERESTED

I do not appreciate getting lots of interests daily from Muslim men and African men when I have already stated the above. You're wasting your time sending it and wasting my time to having to block them. Thank you.


If her photo is accurate, I don't doubt that she is beating them off with a stick, but I dbout that you could be that blunt on an Aussie dating site. Still, if we like Asian women, why cant she express a preference for men from either an Asian or Caucasian background ? Malaysian-Chinese from Penang, not Thai, although I suspect they attract plenty of 33-year old Arab and African men too. Beauty must be a real curse :D


Wouldn't have taken long to work out what young guys were looking for - luckily we old buggers don't want any of that wham-bam-see-you-ma'am ;)

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It's funny as the ones that go with the local men don't tend to wear rubbers and can have STD's. Those that sleep with farangs tend to wear rubbers so if one splits there's less of a risk of STD's etc.


While I understand this isn't a hardcore right or lefty website I can say that Arabs seem to be despised by Thai women typically, even those that work near to them that I have spoken to.

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No, but I think you get my drift: mundus vult decipi ergo decipiatur.

The world wants to be decieved so we do it.


And what I was getting at was this: I saw many a girl in farang bars telling farangs what they will like to hear.

That is not necessarily the gospel truth, as I am sure you know.

That in many cases includes the: me no like thai men, only farang :)

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Old news, Pescator - I put that one up there with 'I like fat man, same-same you !'. Seriously how freaking deluded would you need to be to believe that crapola ? I'll say that much for the Fili hookers in KL - they dont try so hard to blow smoke up your butt. Much more professional, albeit still happy to have a drink and a laugh - the Viets just want to do the deed and move on to their next customer. It's like talking to a vending machine.

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