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From the outside this place is set back a little bit, up some steps from the road. A little apsara fountain statue is outside the building, but you can’t miss it as the pink garish sign beaming out at you.




Inside VIP Teen Massage:


Going inside the massage parlour the lobby area layout struck me as a bit similar as that of Love Teen Massage and Jack & Betty Massage.

It has a little reception on the right as you walk in, along with an annex room facing you for the massage girls ‘on-standby’ to rest and chill out in.

The stand-in reception girl caught my eye, but I had a look through the book to check out the girls.

She was in there too and, going on impulse I made a choice of her. A bit rotund, but not too fat and in her late 20s.


Choosing 1 and a half hours I was shown up to the room.

By the stairway that led to the first floor I noticed a large see-through sliding door that led to an outdoor Thai kitchen.

I guess the girls are never far from getting food whenever they need to.

Those overly shy might be a bit put-off by the kitchen folk possibly noticing you but they were busy cooking away while I walked upstairs.


Up to the first floor, narrow corridors with rooms are noticeable.

All of them have privacy with complete walls and wooden, lockable, sliding doors. No ‘peep-square’ either, just a high window letting in ambient light from the corridor.

I was shown inside by the girl, who I nickname Miss Siam as she has her hair in the old-school fashion of ‘high-ponytail’. I ask politely for some ice and water just before she flits away to get her massage box.

I take in the surroundings while she’s gone.


Now if you get a bit rattled by the see-through glass from the Thai kitchen you’ll be even more startled by the mirrors that are all over the rooms.

There’s one by the door (a small one), one massive long one on the ceiling above the bed and one off to the side of the bed running along the wall.

Above the ‘side’ mirror was a picture of Marilyn Monroe beaming down with one of her winning smiles.

Aircon is set up above the bed so you get it directly downwards.

Also inside is a private, hot-water shower that works.

The bed is ‘maid-sized’ but solidly framed off the floor and the mattress is fairly firm and comfortable.

Possibly a bit ‘worn’ and slightly shabby around the edges, but nothing major to worry about. The dimmer switch takes the edge off it a bit.


Within a couple of minutes Miss Siam has returned with her box of tricks.




With her is an older lady, somewhat dressed for massage also and attractive to an elder farang-type.

She’s carrying a bottle of water with ice in the glass.

I’m guessing she might be the ‘fixer’, old enough to want to quit the hands-on massage but too young to be promoted to the mamasan rank. These lady’s often fix the makeup and hair of the girls along with little errands like drinks requests etc.


On taking it with a thanks she asks for 20 baht, a bit surprising and the first time I’ve been charged for water in one of these places.

Paying her the money she shuffles away and the door is closed and locked with one of those swivel-catches.

With the goddess of cinema looking down from her perch the massage commenced.

First thing was getting showered, with her also.

Then came the oil massage.

As is the style her it’s a sensual way they do it, or at least the way Miss Siam does it.

Compared to Love Teen this lady was more skilled though able to perform both Thai Massage and the Swedish / Oil massage with a degree of skill also.

First the front, then the back, then the front again.

She had the ability, to seemingly ‘feel’ the energy during the massage. It’s hard to explain but this girl at least ‘acted’ like she was in a ‘zone’ to get feedback on the nerves etc. Weird but it is what it is.

While the mirrors weren’t really my thing Miss Siam seemed to genuinely like them or at least acted pretty close to convincing that she was turned on. Every other moment during the massage she’d turn and look at herself moving and sliding about.

After doing this she’d go back to applying the oil again.

About half-way through this spectacle the room next-door became ‘active’.

Normally this is distracting (for me anyway) and bothersome, especially when the walls in this place are quite thin like that of Love Teen Massage (but without the music).

In this case, the minute or so of bouncing bed noises were followed by giggling and laughing (mostly by the girl).

Good to hear them enjoying themselves.




My girl of the hour (and a half) was in her own world, seemingly oblivious to anything but her own writhing about. Every now and then when an adjustment was required she’d do so with great finesse though. No roughness or attitude like that seen in the Siam Square places. Customer appreciation is a trend her I think.

Special’s are offered, strangely no mention of price was spoken about, so I guess you have to use your own judgement on that and see what her


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"you’ll be even more startled by the mirrors that are all over the rooms." Ah, the good old days. Used to be de rigueur in the 1970s and early '80s. I remember staying in one hotel room that had mirrors everywhere ... except in the bathroom. I had to sit on the bed to shave in the morning.


p.s. A colleague was a bit disconcerted in one MP when it turned out his mor nuat had been his student a few years earlier when he taught secondary school in Chiang Mai. She recognised him and went to get 2 of her classmates to come see him. And see him they did, since he was lying there buck naked.

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I've been to massage places in the provinces and once had to walk through the ground floor to go upstairs with my MP girl.


There to my right as I was led through was a Thai man. I didn't look at him but from my peripheral vision he was either naked or close to it getting a massage and seemed oblivious to me and my girl going upstairs. His massage women hadn't even bothered to close the curtains! LOL.

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