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Fake Levis


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I guess this might apply to other brands but just happens to be Levis on this particular day.


So she comes home today with 2 pairs of jeans one pair marked 505 and the other 535. Both very different in many respects. She bought them at Central and the prices were good. Add this up and I really think these are not the real McCoy, or in this case Strauss.


Anyhoo, is it:


a. Possible to buy real Levis jeans in Thailand?

b. Clear how knockoffs depart from the original?




I'm not saying anything mind, just having her on her knees offering gifts and supplication renders that down right impossible.

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My old tailor once open a drawer and showed me a pile of labels. He said, "Which one would you like?"


Meanwhile ...


<< I have both original and fake ones (image here: http://ourworld.cs.c...devil05/Levis-… - Specimen B is fake). The most obvious ways to tell the difference that I can share with you:


1) The rear tag of the fake is made of different quality and colour, and the material is thicker. The original's rear tag is almost paper-like and paper-thin.


2) The design on the rear tag of the fake is also different. While the design on the original looks almost wood-carving-esque, the design on the fake looks more like line-art, and uses thicker lines, thus losing design detail.


3) The fake I own had a spelling error. Was not obvious at casual glances, but if you really looked, you can spot it. The words "Patented in US" was misspelled as "Patended in US" (image here: http://ourworld.cs.c...devil05/Spot-F… Most counterfeits I've noticed always have spelling errors, so that's the easiest way to spot it.


Hope that helps! :) >>


And ...





From Mr. Google

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In my experience Central only sell the genuine article but a quick check would be


V-Stitching, if only one line of stitching to button FAKE if 2 lines in the shape of a V GENUINE (Maybe)


Label, Bottom left corner of the label on right hip will have a serial number so your 505's should have 505-XXXX


Whilst not a foolproof indicator these are the first things that I look for in Levi's even though I much prefer G-Star nowadays :)


And the obvious one, how much if 500 Baht FAKE if 3,000 Baht maybe genuine, I would never let my wife buy my Jeans,

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Levis jeans were one of the most cracked down on counterfiet products in Thailand many years ago with the parent company ultra vigilant in prosecuting those who sold them. While I don't make a point of shopping for knock off brand name clothes, I don't remember seeing fake Levis in a very long time.


It should also be noted that a lot of the "copied" brand name clothes in Thailand are not copies at all, but just any old shirt or trousers with the brand name sewn on!

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