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Blatant Plagiarism!


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Ah, Cent's site. I hadn't looked at it in years. It's time I did. :hmmm:


Not to surprised though. When I edited a Thailand tourism magazine, a salesgirl showed me a new rival magazine that had done a cut and paste on my entire dining section! That section had taken me some time, since I'd had to phone or visit every restaurant to get the information and an average price for a meal for two with and without booze. The publisher exploded, but the sales manager calmed him down. He said, "Look at the magazine. No one is going to advertise in it and in a couple of issues it will be gone." He was right. It failed and quickly disappeared. Still, it pisses you off when some one steals your work. And stealing a book in the U.S. is a lot different from plagarising in LOS. The U.S. enforces its laws!

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