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K And M Massage - Thong Lor


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K & M Massage



Thong Lor area at Soi 55 has a few massage shops and parlours. This one is unique in having them all sit inside but gazing longingly out at you as you pass by. Like sirens they wait and there is always three or more sitting in earnest for passing trade.


Inside K an M Massage:


Once inside I took in the gazing ladies looking back at me and smiled in friendship. Then looked around Three foot-massage bed-chairs and a counter at the end. Some may be intimidated by such a number of Thai women all focusing on them (there were six when I was there). Undaunted I chose a fresh-faced lady for one hour oil massage. Then I took the footware off and donned the slipper-things they gave me.




Once up to the second floor I saw a door with 'Thai Massage' stenciled onto it. Obviously that's not our stop and the lady kept on walking up the stairs until we reached the third floor.



This floor had a single narrow corridor and corner lobby where there was a toilet, but no shower. Going into the narrow corridor I saw there was a shower at the very end with a privacy curtain for it. Off to the left was a wall running the length of the corridor with sliding doors for three rooms.




The last room was occupied by a rough-sounding, old farang so we went into the second. Inside the room it was a simple, spartain place with a massage table, some hooks to hang your clothes on and a little cabinet. She left to get the rest of her massage 'tools' and I dofted garments and lay down.

As I lay down to wait her return the ticking of clocks buzzed my ears. There must of been one in each room and all ticked loudly. No music or speaker system was here which would of been a plus because of this.


The table I lay on was padded, hard and firm and once the massage began I was almost pinned into it at times. The massage girl had a hard, pinching method and would use Thai massage strokes followed by an oil massage rub. In some ways it was like a two-in-one massage for the price of one. She told me she had learned the ways of Massage at Wat Po.




Once the massage was finished I showered off, clothes-on again and returned downstairs.

At the ground floor a hot cup of tea was waiting and it tasted wonderful. Quite a pleasant end, to a skillful massage.


Massage Quality / Style: Pleasant, Skillful, Endearing.


Pros - Private rooms, skilled '2-1' massage, competitive pricing, 'amazon-effect' on entering.

Cons - Communal Shower, tick-tick-tick, 'amazon-effect' on entering.

Massage Rating - 7.5 out of 10.


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For the avoidance and removal of doubt, please note that K&M Massage does not mean Kev & Me Massage. Even though our initials (that's Uncle Kev and Me) are the same. Please also note that If we did run a Massage Parlour (that's me and my Uncle Kev), nookie would most definitely be on ze Menu.

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