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Pattaya And Me...the Romance Is Over.


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Bangkok Pattaya Hospital has doubled their capacity, erected a second building in 2005.


All in an anticipation the Wall Street beneficiaries would be there, the oldies, with secure income, and more to come and to fleece their health insurance companies.


Now we see farangs living under the bridges.


Thai policy was and is, to eliminate all those social rejects and get family people in. They have succeeded in that effort or are just there.


If I may, Stick called Pattaya farang congregation a crowd in a "God waiting room" for the current farang residents there. They would not make a last "Hooray", they would just naturally die. Not too many years from now.


Thai tourist policy: 1

Farangs: 0


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Steve, I think of myself as a 'culturalist'. I have definite problems with some cultures. That people, who represent some cultures, may be of a certain skin colour, does not register with me anymore.


More, I think that without exception, the people of certain cultures, to whom I am deterred, have had an inferior, or lack of, education.


Most often when I meet the educated, moderate individuals of each culture, they seem as balanced as I would like to be.


So I guess it's the ignorant of the cultures (including mine) that I despise.


It is a shame that these mind closed, myopic, shuttered thinkers get to run countries and the like.


So I don't think your statement is racist, I think it is sensible, if culturalist.


Well Culture is race but I get what you and he are saying.


Indian folks are usually a pest, African dudes I've met have been ok, quite friendly and happy-go-lucky in fact!

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