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6 months with a BG


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I am in a 6 months lasting relationship with a now ex-BG.




I waited this long before making some comments on this board, because of the many negative stories on this subject here at Nanaplaza.




I was not in need for a relationship; convinced myself for LOS rule 1) a long time ago: never fall in love with a BG.




Well, it happened to me. I even met her at one of the worst places: Pattaya?s soi Yodsak! I was in for a threesome. (Maybe grudgy details in an other report?)


The next day we stayed together all three and decided a repeat. Whilst eating dinner on my hotel room carpet (som tam, kai yang, kao niaw)number two?s mobile rang, she had to go. I preferred number one anyway, let?s call her Mee. Thus I spent night two with her.




Next day I had to go Bangkok. I liked her and asked her to join, she accepted gladly. We had a great 3 nights in Bangkok, which she called ?our Bangkok Honeymoon?


On her return to Pattaya she got in trouble with her bar and got fired (she made an arrangement with a friend to avoid paying 500 baht bar fine for me, something went wrong with that arrangement)




I was in Thailand for one month and the plan was to go down to Chumpon and rent a house. I liked her more and more and proposed her to join for the trip to Chumpon. That would give her time to reconsider her options.




She was a great help in Chumpon not just with the house selection process, but also with a lot of important stuff I got confronted with (business proposal) Her judgement was down-to-earth and was impressed with so much wisdom comming from an uneducated country girl. I appreciated her intelligence. When she needed to explain something to me she took my English/thai dictionary and 10 to 15 minutes later would show me the English word for some Thai difficult term. Her method was to read Thai words in English sequence until she found the concept she needed to explain.




Furthermore, being on LOS trip 21 she was number one on the sex topic. Seems we came along very well with all normal life related issues and opinions.


She explained the bare minimum about her life and how she was dragged into the bar scene. She did not ask anything on my past life, I like discretion, I hate curiosity. Just being there was all that counted. She wanted to return to her old job in Bangkok.




I planned to return to LOS 1 month later and stay for 3 months, starting furnishing the place and enjoying retirement. In many respects it would be beneficial to me to have her around: language which I am learning, food, entry into Thai households, taking care of the house in all its aspects, travel companion and sex. All I had to do was to propose her to stay around for one month and we could see how things would work out. She agreed to go home for one month and I bought her a mobile. But she was still in BG money mode and asked 30.000 baht for services rendered during that month. I understood she had no guarantee I still would like her companionship one month down the road, even with a rental contract signed for a house and deposit paid. It was a fair amount she asked for and would not make a repeat if she was staying 3 months with me later on.


A friend and his TG came to visit me in Chumpon, they checked her out, and so did a friend and his TG in Bangkok. I am precautious!




Once back in farangland I started to miss her. Dangerous signs of falling in love! I decided to let that month pass by to see if feelings would last. Easy to stop that relationship when things go wrong, just send the lady home. I phoned every 3 days and we agreed to meet at the airport. She would come down from Udon province; we then would travel together to Chumpon.




I did not really believe she would be waiting for me at the airport and was prepared to travel alone without many regrets having had a good time with her.


After passing customs there were many people waiting to pick-up arrivals and I did not see her. But she was waiting discretely way passed the last punter, and what a smile when she saw me, one hour later than the plane arrival time.


We hugged very discretely as Thaïs do, jumped into a taxi to my usual Bangkok hotel and went for a shower. There she raped me in the bathroom.




She explained she did not believe I wanted to be with her on my next trip, nor that I would be on that plane. That gave me some food for thoughts. Life can be hard for these girls, how many broken dreams, both for farangs and BG?s?




We had a wonderful 3 months down there in Chumpon, buying furniture and all the stuff you need to live in a house. The house is a huge new 6 bedrooms 7 bathrooms thing much too big, but for 5.000 baht a month I will not complain having all that space, especially this huge ground floor. Now she made some fuzz out of this. We met some other farangs with Thai wives living in two bedrooms houses for 3.500 baht. She made a big issue I was wasting 1500 baht/month stupidly, imagine the food or clothes you can buy every month with so much money!. Again something understandable from her perspective. Took me many explanations to make her accept my viewpoint.




Our relationship improved a lot over the first month we spent together, trust was building up. I thought she was being nice to me on our first together, but now, how can someone be that nice? I had to return to Farangland for 3 months and that was going to be a problem. The housing is an isolated complex of 10 units, 4 being occupied, and the 3 next to our place being empty. Mee is definitely scared from burglars (understandably). She decided to have her mother come down to live with her for the 3 months. Not a good idea I thought. I was still suspicious and was afraid the whole family would come down and possess the place. In which case I would need to thrown everyone out at my return, including Mee, this not being acceptable.




Once in Farangland my mood turned dark on the second day. What have I gotten into? To make things worse, on my first phone call with Mee she was crying, ?I miss you too mut? Seems she really got into love. But what is Thai love. Is it really different from farang love? I remember my time at university, where I was eager to have a relationship with some gall, but they had only eyes for guys in their last two years. Our first two years guys had zero chance. What a waste! Hardly one of them made it to graduation, most married way before. They were using daddy?s money to find a suitable future rich husband. Thai girls who are in for security are no different than their western counterparts, but they give you a totally different experience. I imagine it?s that what we are in for. Yes they do have emotions, they also have brains. Sometimes I wonder if farang brains are missing some essentials, and this equally for females as males.




5 days in our separation, and although I had some business to finish with unknown dates, I bought tickets for trip 23 planned for late June 2002. One day AIS decided One-to-Call sim cards could make overseas calls. I new nothing about this receiving her first call at 4 am. I soon found information on the net. I tried to make her understand to only call in the afternoon Thai time. I received many ?I miss you to mut? calls, and I do believe they are sincere cries from the heart. I had the well-known love bug myself, thinking of Mee all day and night long, missing her warm body besides me, dreaming of caressing her from toes to hair. A very hard time indeed.




On april 18th an important meeting was set to may 17th. I immediately purchased a ticket on the next available flight to LOS for 5 days later. Thus trip 23 was a surprise for everyone. Mee sent her mother home, would accompany her to Bangkok and wait for me at the airport. Three weeks with Mee two months earlier than planned!




I had bought a Thai mobile on the day I left on trip 22 and called her as soon as I got of the plane. The hugging at the airport exit was emotional. We took a taxi to Sam Sem railway station where I bought tickets for the night train with aircon berths. Once the railway employee made our beds we sat together and I asked if she would sleep with me in my berth. ?Can not do this on train!? she replied. We still kissed a lot passionately before separating, then she joined her berth opposite mine. When the train stopped in Phetburi she suddenly jumped into my berth, and we started kissing again, then fondling, then f***, an unbelievable experience in a shaking train wagon!




These were a short 3 weeks together. But again we came closer to each other. We are a very good fit indeed. We don't like talking much or socialising. We got acquainted with most of the farangs living in the same area and we dislike most of them, both farangs and their Thai companions. We stay at the minimum level of politness with them. We love playing games (erotic ones), biking in the morning, it's incredible fun to go out swimming with Mee, we joke all the time about everything we encounter, no bad feelings when sometimes communication gets wrong. We talk it out and blame the language barrier, no shouting, mai pen rai.




I still am suspicious however, watching out for signs of misfeasor or treachery. Oh sure, I gave her money for 3 months and checking her bank account she spent 2/3rd of it in one good month. Not surprisingly, considering she brought her mother here and purchased cooking stuff and even a fake Rolex for me I hate, luckily the fake gold armband is to big and can not be adapted so I can not wear that horror. I also imagine face vis à vis her mother and some feeling of luxury. Nevertheless she did not buy clothing or shoes and still is wearing the same worn-out clothes as when we first met. She even does not have a working watch for herself. I do know exactly what she cost me, and it is still very reasonable compared to western standards. Cost should flatten out during my next 3 months stay.




She decided to go home for the six weeks separation, but surprised me on the last day when arriving in Chumpon town to purchase bus tickets to Bangkok and a train ticket for her to Udon. She told me she would call a sister living with her parents to stay with her for the six weeks. She is more worried than I am for burglars emptying the house and I think she feels responsible for the house. Again I suspect she might want to protect property which she might consider to be hers, but I still believe this to be sane thinking.




How Thais think and feel remains a mystery for me, but that?s part of the fun. I do believe the cultural differences and language problems we have together with the separations are rather inspiring our relationship than destroying it.




That May 17th meeting was today and it went bad. It will most certainly jeopardise my future in LOS, but the 3 months 24th trip remains on my agenda. We will see in October how things went along.




The last six months were amongst the best of my life, and that counts most. No one can take that away anymore. Even if Mee is setting me up I wish to thank her for the happiness she gave me.



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Wonderful Post/Story and thanks for sharing from the heart. I think your last paragraph sums up well your feelings. I am quite cynical about bg realationships (LT,that is) in general, but yes sometimes you get lucky and I hope that is your case. Maybe its is "..better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all..." So I am wishing you and Mee nothing but the best of luck in future....maybe you are thinking of taking your gf with you to farangland if you must stay there awhile????


Chok Dee

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Thalenoi...are you crazy????




Just kidding. GOOD FOR YOU!. Really. You're absolutly right. Better to have loved, than never loved at all. And it seems you know the common scams, and are very aware of what to watch out for. I'm happy for you. Sounds like you're having a great time, and that's all that counts in the long run, yea?




Mee sounds like a great girl. I hope to meet you both at SanukStock.





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Glad to hear a non-disaster story. You appear to have the right attitude about the situation. My attitude is if a girl can fool me then she deserves my utmost respect because fooling me ain't easy. I enter every relationship with optimism and can give two squats about the negatives. You gotta live life and enjoy.


Curious as to the differences in age between you two.

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Good post!




I've seen some really happy BG relationships. I was in a gogo 2 weeks ago in BKK and meet this man that was married to an ex gogo girl. Talk about happy both really seemed to be.

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Thanks for the post also and risking getting sarcastic replies from some people who just can't accept your happiness for what it is.




It took trip 21, eh? Then I have a few more to go before its out of my system. (smile).




I think the fact that you're a veteran visitor helps more than hurts as you've seen the whole gamut.




Good luck. Truly.

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>But she was still in BG money mode and asked 30.000 baht for services rendered during that month.




Isn't that alot? What is the going "allowance" for an ex-BG girlfriend?

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"Isn't that alot? What is the going "allowance" for an ex-BG girlfriend?"




30.000 baht/month is 1.000/day, minimum rate for LT. Is normal when you take a lady LT, normally you should also pay 500 baht/day bar fine on top of that. Not really expensive for what you get.




She did not believe we would meet again, therefore I had to pay her "wages" for the first month.




Since I "support" her now I give her money when away.



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> 30.000 baht/month is 1.000/day, minimum rate for LT




Yes but shouldn't you get a bulk discount? Plus isn't it benificial for them to just have one Boyfriend? How many BG's make 30,000 a month, why should they get more money for setteling down with one man?

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