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Police Clearance Certificate.


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Some BM's may have been in Thailand for a few years and need a Police Clearance Certificate to obtain a visa for another country and others may have worked in THailand for a few years and finally retire here on a Non-Imm O retirement visa. No need to go to your home country or to make an application from your home country it can be done in Bangkok.


Police Headquarters on Phra Ram 1, opposite Siam Paragon, must of passed the place on 1,000's of occasions without realising how big the complex is on the inside. Once through the main gate take a diagonal left across the compound and building 24 is on the first sub soi on the left and that is the department.


Dependent on what you need the certificate for dictates which documents are required, in my case self notorized copy of passport cover page and visa and a copy of my Agreement of Assignment (work contract) for the country I needed the certificate for. From submitting documents to ensure everything is in order, filling in the forms, having photo's taken, fingerprinting paying the 100 Baht fee and then having request registered took less than 30 minutes, the Police on duty are very helpful and also quite proficient in English, it went a lot smoother than expected.


Me being me, I had copies of Marriage Certificate, Condo rental agreement, bank books etc, 20 odd years of living in Thailand and dealing with different branches of the civil service has taught me to expect the unexpected and be prepared to be asked for anything.


They did ask me if I had ever been in trouble with the police in Thailand and I was honest once busted for dropping a cigarette butt near Benji Park and 2-3 speeding offences where 200 Baht changed hands and no details were recorded, they had a laugh about that.


This service is not available to everyone, you need to have been here on a long term visa, NO OVERSTAYS, and have the correct documents to support the reason why the clearance certificate is required but it is a handy service and a whole lot cheaper than the 12,500 Baht plus it would have cost me getting the same from my home country.

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That is why I posted it in Expat and Family Matters forum, as I said it may only be applicable to a small percentage of BM's but handy to know, this is what forums are for.


I did not even know that a certificate could be issued to an expat until yesterday when the wife made a couple of phone calls yesterday afternoon, and they told us exactly what was required. The officer who dealt with me said it is easier to do a check on expats since if I had have been arrested in Thailand I would have had my visa revoked and been holed up in IDC awaiting deportation.


I am sure that not many Expats know that this service is available since I was the only Farang in the building, plenty of Thai's there who required it for overseas work or study but I was the only white face in the whole building.

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If here for over 6 Months on Non-Imm B and wish to change to Non-Imm O Retirement visa then they will issue a clearance certificate it you have kept your nose clean, strangely enough clearance is only a requirement for retirement visa and not married or business visa's, not sure about ED since I have never had one myself.


As I mentioned in my original post, this may be useful for someone who has worked in Thailand on a Non-Imm B and wishes to change Visa to Non-Imm O when retiring. (Only silly old fools like me begger off to countries where police report is required for work permit)

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Some BM's may have been in Thailand for a few years and need a Police Clearance Certificate ...

I'm curious. Is this the same as the 'Alien Registration Certificate' also issued at the police station?

(In Thai: ใบส้ำ้คัà¸à¸›à¸£à¸°à¸ˆà¸³à¸•à¸±à¸§à¸„นต่างด้าว )

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No this is à¹à¸šà¸š ฟอร์ม คำร้องขอหนังสือรับรองความประพฤติ (Application for thai clearance certificate)


Can be used when applying to reside in other countries where a Police Clearance Certificate is required to support the long term visa / work permit application, in my case Vietnam.


Can only be issued a Royal Thai Police HQ.



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