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Bt500 Foreigner-Entry Fee On The Table


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The government is considering a plan to charge foreigners a 500-baht entry fee from January next year, according to Public Health Minister Pradit Sintavanarong.


Mr Pradit said on Sunday that officials from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Ministry of Public Health and the Royal Thai Police had discussioned the matter and all agreed with the idea.


They expected the extra charge would lead to an increase in the quality of tourists entering Thailand, he said.


"The tourism and sports minister (Somsak Phurisrisak) told me that every other country is collecting entry fees from foreigners," Mr Pradit said.


"The money will be used for many purposes by the tourism, health and foreign affairs ministries, and the Immigration Bureau."


The health ministry would gather relevant information and help the Ministry of the Interior in legislating the law. The collected fees would go into the national budget coffers before they are transferred to different agencies, he said.


He expected the new entry charge would take effect from Jan 1, but it could be put off to mid-January because there would be many tourists entering the country at that time and they might get confused, he said.


When reporters asked him if the plan could backfire and result in fewer tourist arrivals, Mr Pradit said the tourism ministry did not oppose the plan.


"Now is the time for us to have quality tourists. It's not as if inbound tour operators won't organise tours for foreign tourists to come to the country because of the entry fees," the health minister said.


Foreigners who stay in Thailand no more than three days would be charged 30 baht a day, while those who stay more than three days would have to pay 500 baht, he said.


According to reports, foreigners who arrive at airports would be charged 500 baht, while those who enter the country by land would be charged 30 baht a day.


The scheme would also prevent foreigners staying in the country after their visas have expired. There are about 100,000 foreigners in Thailand whose visas have expired but they refuse to leave the country, the reports said.


Samphan Panphat, adviser to the Thai Hotels Association (THA), said he disagreed with the 500-baht entry fee. It lacked transparency and would significantly hurt the tourism industry.


Authorities should specify the nationalities of tourists who might pose problems to Thailand, because there are many tourists from other countries who do not create problems when they come here, he said.


"The government should be take serious steps to solve the problems in the country and to improve the quality of tourism here. Then things will improve," Mr Samphan said.


Sitdiwat Cheevarattanaporn, chairman of the Association of Thai Travel Agents (Atta), took the same tone, saying it is not a good move and not in line with the government's plan to promote tourism.


"The plan will affect the tourism industry, both in the short run and the long run, because tourists will feel bad about Thailand and they may feel they are being cheated," Mr Sitdiwat said.


Porntip Hirunket, vice chair of the Tourism Council of Thailand, said collecting entry fees from foreigners would dampen the tourism atmosphere.


Authorities should do a better job of screening tourists, enforcing the existing laws and preventing tourists from being conned, she said.




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I still want to know if this will effect foreigners on Non-Imm Visa's?


I can pop back to BKK on a Friday evening and then fly back to Hanoi on Sunday Evening, do they expect me to pay 500 Baht every time I land, bunch of arse.


"The scheme would also prevent foreigners staying in the country after their visas have expired." How does this work :dunno:

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The only time I can recall being "charged admission" for entering a country as a tourist is by the Lao PDR, which makes everyone pay for a visa on arrival. Nothing like improving the image of Thailand by making it appear that the government will do anything to get their hands on your money.


The government did have a bright idea in the mid 1980s that all foreigners entering the country by land would have to show possession of at least 10,000 baht to be admitted. This was to eliminate the backpacker "riffraff". (10,000 baht then was about like 25,000 now.) I remembering going north to Bangkok by train from Butterworth in 1985 and watching the show at the border crossing. I had a proper visa with reentry permit, so the Immigration officers simply stamped my passport and handed it back to me. Not a word said about money. In another line were the backpackers. It was hilarious watching them duck out of sight and compile their funds so that each one could show the required 10,000 baht. The cash was in a mixture of Singapore dollars, Malaysian dollars (as they were called then), Indian rupees, US$, Francs, DM, Pesetas etc and the Immigration officers must have known they were seeing the same paper notes over and over again. But no one was rejected and they all boarded the train for the trip to Bangkok. It would have made a great scene for a Chevy Chase movie. :p

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I wonder what they'll do about the thousands of Lao that cross the friendship bridge each weekend day to shop in Udon and Nong Khai. OK 30 bht for 1 day, what if they only stay for 8 hrs? 10 bht? Hardly worth the effort to collect.

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That's what I think. It's for farangs only and maybe Chinese, Indians and Japs as they come into Thailand in hordes.


Is it just me or is this part just senseless:


"The scheme would also prevent foreigners staying in the country after their visas have expired. There are about 100,000 foreigners in Thailand whose visas have expired but they refuse to leave the country, the reports said."


So pay 500 baht on arrival which is chump-change and don't you overstay! LOL

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