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Hana Massage


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It's a fair distance down Soi 22 Sukhumvit before you reach Hana Massage (now called Ya Yoi?) and there's many a massage shop trying to pull you in on the way. After nearly ten minutes walking the gauntlet from Prom Phong BTS station I made it to an Alley Soi with a sign for YaYoi Massage on it.


Inside the Massage Shop:





Looking left down the alley I saw another sign above the shop that said 'Hana Massage', so I guess they either have two names OR they haven't gotten around to changing the shop sign. The alley-soi looked derelict and off-putting but I did not let that deter me and walked on down to see what hidden-delights awaited.




I was quite early getting there so only a few girls were in the shop ready to go. A Thai man came walking out having just dropped off his girlfriend!

At first I thought the legendary Rin was not there but as if right on cue she appeared. Much to the chagrin of an up and coming Thai girl obviously keen to make a name for herself.

Indeed apart from Rin most if not all the other massage girls here are in their early twenties but seem to lack experience. But first impressions can be mistaken!


I wasn't taking any chances and though and Rin was the lady for the hour!


I asked for an hour and a half Thai massage which was 600 baht and money up-front! Then it was up the wooden stairs having taken off the foot ware beforehand. On the first floor I saw Rin vanish down the corridor into a room on the right. I had time to take a quick shot of it before disappearing inside with her.


Full Review Below:


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Have been there.


Yes, a little hard to find but in my opinion worth the effort.


Rin is the one to get. All others are not skilled enough and Rin will tell you that too. Probably difficult to train them although I wouldn't mind helping out in that respect.


She'd probably want many 'little' helpers to work on but I'd give it a shot.

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