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One In 10 Kiwis Now Alcoholic


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quite an interesting article for me personally after overcoming my past alcohol problems,but knowing that in the future i could easily slip back into those ways,but the wording of some of the questions might confuse some people.

i'm now working full-time with people who have alcohol and and other drugs problems who want help to stop (and alcohol is classed as a drug).

all of them i would put in the highly severe category when they first come in.

i see a lot of progress in many if not most,but of course they might have a slip every now and then.

but the support among them is a great help.


'Mind you, if you do get all the answers wrong, they'll wheel out the "He's in denial" ambulance cart'


this is a good point as some people are in denial because they think some of the questions are not relevant to them as they don't think some of the questions mean you have any sort of problem.

and not forgetting most of the questions can easily apply to all types of other drugs which you can inject,swallow or inhale.

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Sayjann, good to see you are still clear and I hope you remain so.


My original post was not so much to address, real alcoholism, and the people who suffer it, but to examine the way this PC article and questions were flawed.


There are numerous example in history of fuzzy questions used to justify surveys.


I remember one for sexual abuse was "Have you ever been in a sexual situation with (insert target here) and felt uncomfortable.


This is answered 'yes' would signify the surveyed person was abused.


If the person was young or less educated, they could well have thought that being made love to on a bed of straw, or on grass or on a wool blanket was uncomfortable, even though they were happy with their lover.


They might have had a cramp in their leg.


And so on.


But the survey was real and the results reported as fact.

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I readily admit that I'm a binge drinker - one drink in the 21 months since I returned from my last trip, but I'll be back into it within hours of getting off the plane. One of the things I'm less happy about in terms of my 'teetotaller' lifestyle currently is that I still wake up with hangover-like symptoms once every few months. Had a shocker this morning - dehydrated brain, crap taste in the mouth - that reminded me what it will be like in 23 weeks time. That said, I just dont get why anyone would bother to live in Thailand if they didnt drink - BKK and Patts in particular.

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"That said, I just dont get why anyone would bother to live in Thailand if they didnt drink - BKK and Patts in particular."






Because I've yet to encounter an environment so conducive to late night drinking. I'm not just talking about lower Suk - I'm talking about German beer halls and God-knows-how-many-restaurants that are open till very late, 7 nights a week. At the risk of making a blanket statement I'll regret, a very large proportion of younger Thais seem to love alcohol just as much as the rest of us, and there are no shortage of late-night Karaoke bars that leave me wondering if they dont love it even more than your average tourist, but if it's cheap 'whiskey' or Yaba I know which of the two I'd rather see people abusing - not that you cant do both, I guess :(


Long hot days, long steamy nights - I cant imagine Asia without alcohol for any extended period of time.

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in the early days, whilst it is well known Australia was founded primarily (the european part of the history) by convicts, NZ was a haven for pirates, whalers, outcasts, missionaries and other such undesirables ...


We were founded by Irish criminals at a time when stealing a loaf of bread because you were starving made you a 'criminal', and the Kiwis were founded by Scottish Puritans who were bright enough not to get on the Mayflower. We both benefited from the fact that the Brits had their arses handed to them in North America and India, but I still get heckled by rednecks on various forums who seem to feel that they 'earnt' their freedom while we had it handed to us on a silver platter. When you look at the colonial activities atrocities of the Dutch and the French in SE Asia right up to the 1950s, they may well have a point. We can be very thankful that Dirk Hartog took one look at the WA coast and decided to keep sailing ;)

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