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How Come Sea Airports Dont Enforce The Return Ticket 'rule' ?


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Working in the oil industry on a variable schedule and basing myself in Thailand, for most of the time on tourist visas, and the only country that ever made an issue with this was Australia.


I'd flown from Bangkok on a return ticket to Adelaide and back, and checking in for the return was asked for my onward flight... which I didn't have.


I produced a couple of hundred dollars US in cash and a Visa credit card to prove i wasn't a bum going to panhandle on the streets of bangkok... and flew home.


Competely absurd requirement. What about onward travel anywhere else? What about a train journey to Singapore? Road to Malaysia..... farcical.


After this for next trip to Australia I scanned and put an old Air Asia flight booking into Word and so I could fake a flight wherever if needed.


Life is too short to waste arguing with rules bound idiots.

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The "proof" od onward travel can be overcome with a Nok air ticket, which is actually a bus ride, from Udon to Vientiane airport,


Anticipating trouble a number of years back I was on last leg of ticket arriving in Bkk, didn't have the right visa at the time, so bought a ticket Bkk - Vientiane, asked at the North American airport for proof on onward travel, showed them the Nok Air ticket to Vientiane, no problems.


If I didn't have that ticket I am pretty sure I would have had issues

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