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Took me 1 minute. Lots of girls available in Penang:




Good stuff - lets run the numbers, shall we:


RM188 (~1900 baht) - 45Min/1shot

RMB380 (~3800 baht) - 2hour/2shot


I'm always wary of escort agencies, but lets give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that the gal who arrives at your door is the gal in the photo, and that's a recent photo.


Fact: I've got one board member telling me he cant have a decent night out in Bangkok for anything less than 12-15K and another telling me he has heard stories of go-go dancers asking 7K on top of the 1500 baht barfine. I'd rather take matters into my own hands than shell out that kind of money.


Fact: Stickman's latest column has a story on 4 Bangkok-based escorts, along with a link to their site : feel free to compare their numbers with those posted above.


Fact: Malaysia is generally accepted as a 'higher wage' country than Thailand, and most Malaysians believe they enjoy a higher standard of living.


Of course, none of the above speaks to the relative quality of the experience one can expect in Penang - we all await the trip report with anticipation - but on the face of it I would assume that a longtimer like myself can expect to get acres of totally free sex in venues all over Penang, er, that one can have a good night out in Penang for less than the equivalent of 10K THB, even allowing for notoriously expensive alcohol prices.


As many of you would be aware, Fili working girls routinely ask for 300 MYR at the bars along Jalan P Ramlee in KL, and I've had a Vietnamese gal ask for 400, so perhaps it might be fairer to compare Bangkok with KL, in which case I could easily blaze through Nasadai's 15K budget purely by virtue of the cost of drinks in those bars. I usually talk the girls into something closer to a '2-for-1' deal, but they dont run out of the room after 2 hours and I have never had 'Hab to go home take care babee !' ...


Freelancers and escorts vs 1500 baht barfines and a new definition of 'short time' ? Hmm, its a tough one ;)

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I think he's having a go at you, radioman ! ;)


FWIW, I dont believe anything anyone tells me. Except Nok, of course, but she hab big ploblem.


Next question ?


Wouldn't matter either way, I'm immune. Fact is I have more than enough on my daily plate that web-boarding gets what I figure its worth. That can vary from 10 minutes a day to zero. Add in that I read rather than post for the most part. Still the info here seems useful enough, could hardly expect the keys to the castle as it were. Anyway, here's some more.


The trip is on, I'll arrive Penang around 22:30 on Sunday but need to be up early for the ferry to Langkawi that leaves around 8:30. Will stay on Langkawi that night, have two days work there, then the ferry back on 26th around 18:00 should see me back to Penang by about 21:30 maybe. 27th will be Alor Star and 28th Ipoh, just day trips and 29th in Penang though I will fly back to BKK for the Friday night. 30th I'm back to Doha until the end of the year.


With that in mind I'm looking at reasonable hotels. A google brought up Sunway Georgetown as the first in list, seems reasonable, price is okay at around 300MYR/night and it's located just off Jln Macalister at the end of Jln Penang. Anybody know any better?


If I'm going to go mooching about looking for snapper then it's going to be either Tue, Wed or Thu nights, this then raises the question of are most hotels in this area GF? I've never had a problem in KL but usually stay in 5* places there.


Pricing is not an issue, if you want something enough you will rationalise the cost. If it's too expensive then you don't want it enough. Bargain basements are everywhere. Value for money is another thing.

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Girl friendly ? That last place I stayed at in Penang was so far gone I reckon I could have smuggled a Shetland pony into the list and the dozy reception staff wouldnt have cared. Move further up the ladder and they might actually be conscious when you get back to the hotel, but I dont like spending money on a visa run. Second worst hotel I've ever stayed at, but it kept Malay families away - their beastly kids run up and down the halls from dawn onwards.

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