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Newbie Type Questions From A Supposedly Oldbie

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Hi Wendella,

you got some answers. Rainbow 4 – the former legendary Cafe Woodstock – has been the bar with the prettiest und sexiest girls of Nana.

Yes, for many years, without any question.


But the most important and the most far-reaching response gave Bust:


“600-700 for barfines and 2-3 ST 3-4 LTâ€


That is what bars and the gogo girls (the stunners) want to have.


Let us do the mathematics:

Short time:

Barfine 600 and ST fee for the girl 2500. Result: 3100 Baht; which means - according to the current exchange rate - close to 100 Dollars. Not bad.


That is much more expensive than a ST in an European brothel in Amsterdam, Germany, Czechia.


Long time:

Barfine 600 and LT fee for the girl 4000. Result: 5100 Baht, approximately 160 US-Dollar.


What do those prices mean?

These rates mean the end of the NEP, as we have known and loved him for decades.

Many guys can not afford such prices any more.

Sanuk is finished for the most of the guys.

That is the reason why this board is nearly dead.

The desperate attempts Flashermaks do not make any sense to get this board alive.


On the other hand:

These exceptional earning opportunities attract so many girls in the gogos, in the bars and on the lower Sukumvhit as freelancers.

There is a huge oversupply of girls: gogo girls, bar girls, freelancers.

You can negotiate skillfully and then you get a pretty girl for 1500 baht LT.

One has to do it in a smart way.


This problem of exorbitant prices we are discussing here.

Take your time and read my detailed posts here:




Greetings to NEP

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Wandella, what's going on? Why don't you answer?


You have opened the thread and you asked the questions. Why do you abandon your own thread?

These words are not meant as a criticism, but as an encouragement for you to give any hoot.


Has the cat got your tongue in light of the dramatic rise in prices for sanuk?


I have sweet memories of Nana and I say it with an immortal song by Harry Belafonte:


Deep in November it's nice to remember

Although you know the snow will follow -----> oh, yeah, it's getting cold here in Deutschland and the first snow comes the next night

Deep in December our hearts should remember

And follow, follow ....

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I went to the Rainbow Bar on Suitisan a couple times last year with the security guard from my (sometime) apartment and a few other lads from my building. It is a very Thai place, absolutely huge, lots of white skinned girls that act like nice uni girls. Not great to go solo, but you won't be left alone. It's friendly enough, and cheap- buy a bottle, coke, ice. Or beer of course. Didn't take away so can't tell any rates, but i'm guessing the girls are there to bring in punters , make arrangements for after work, maybe1500? Weekdays and early weekends is very quiet, late night weekends is Full. If you know where RCA is on Suitisan walk back towards the BTS and go right on the last block before the skytrain. (it's divide there into two one ways). there are a number of other seedy joints between the Sapan Kwai bts all the way to Huay Kwang MRT station, but the straight action seems to end at the expressway overpass. Good cheap food down Suitisan too

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I'm not a rainbow guy, but have doubts you'll get 3k baht LT from a stunner there, the hottest girls on cowboy/nana now ask anywhere from 4k on up to (sky is the limit). And they get it. Have one interesting friend working at Shark Bar who's shown me baht for baht (literally on a spreadsheet) how she's making about 4-5k USD cash (without tax) per month part time.


Cream of the crop at Rainbow is going to want more than 4k LT. I'm sure some here will say less, and you can def get less, but....



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During the VN War, the commies fired a few mortar rounds into the big Udorn Air Force Base. The US sent a company of Marines to protect the Air Force. :p


The going price in Udorn had been 100 baht "aw nigh", but the BGs asked the Marines for 500 baht, which the newbies paid! A friend told me after that the BGs would ask, "You Ahmy, Air Fort, Maline?" If the answer was Marine, they grabbed you and away they went. The USAF guys were not very happy with the Marines for ruining the local economy.


p.s. As soon as the Marines were pulled out, the price dropped to 100 baht again.

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Wandella, what's going on? Why don't you answer?



Yeah sorry about that. I'm reading it. Got caught up with some troubles in real life on this end, didn't have time to get on and write like earlier.


I agree of course it's not like the old days, though I wasn't really into gogos in the old days so no reference point for comparison really for me at least. I was more of a FL guy then. Nana Disco when that was going was more my speed. Thermae sometimes. This around 2001-2003. I agree it's a big chunk to pay for a quickie, but I've learned to forgive myself.

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