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Taxi / Limo Company Needed From Suvarnabhumi To Buriram


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I need decent and reliable transport from Suvarnabhumi to Buriram around 22nd December 2013.


Aside from googling, I'd really prefer a recommendation.


It is a decently long drive and the last thing I need is Somchai on a mix of Red Bull and speed amphetamines after a night on lao khao.


Happy to pay a decent rate but not willing to be gouged by the 5* hotel connections.


Any ideas ?

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Just to update.


I was in Swampy and asked the AOT desks for some prices etc. An Isuzu Mu7 would be Bt5700 which is fine and though could perhaps be beaten, it would not be beaten by much for a 4x4 semi large car.


However, I was told to phone the number on the business card to book. A few days before I need it, I think I'll call ahead and book, hoping to get a driver who wasn't out at the races the previous night, knowing he had a 10 hour round trip to the boonies.


"Cannot" was the bullshit excuse when calling to book. This was in Thai, from one Thai to another and then the same shit when I phoned. Digging deeper the excuse is that booking finished last September until the airport authorities give them a new license.


Crap, bullshit, wank, lies - whatever you'd call it.


Anyway, we're winging it tomorrow and we'll see what happens !

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