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Have I Been Wearing Blinkers All These Years?

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LOL on the last reply.....


so, I was there last friday as well.....maybe call that place the NNH referring to the NNB ?

yes, great music (s a must for me) good anbiance, nice looking gals and the place just rocks....


I happened to see 16 (yes sixteen) police guys in full uniform coming down the stairs...deffy police owned as confirmed by one of the mamasans



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Interesting thread. Is this "KS-Removed" joint a beer bar or a regular go-go? Never heard of it. (I'm presuming it's nothing to do with this electronic organ's goodly rector the Reverend Khun Sanuk? Just coincidence on the "KS" front?) And by 'noticeably younger' I'm presuming he means 'under 50'? The memory of some of the old bangers I fought off while staggering down Lower Sukhumvit in August :drunk: still makes my eyes water. :doah:


The two or three I short-timed were even f*cking worse. :clown:


jack :help:

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