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I Love Gogo's

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I've been making my yearly round of just about every gogo in Nana and Cowboy. I though i'd share so maybe someone will have a better night out...

Soi Cowboy

Sadly Midnight has turned into another horrible coyote bar: lovely girls that will never go with you but do drink up 250baht per minute. I remember when they had the secret room behind the bookcase. Sigh. i was there for less than 10 minutes cost me 450B

Bacarra is the same as ever, downstairs girls are better than the little ol' bitches upstairs. The place is always packed with Nipponese. the usual. I love the place, easy chairs if you're lucky. I often just stop in on the way home for 1 drink to soak in the ambience, sit in a comfy chair and ogle the dancing girls.

Shark bar is good. lots of good lookers. nothing new there, but two doors down is the new

Lighthouse that seems to be connected with Shark bar. Understaffed and bringing in dancers from Shark bar

Cowboy2 has some great lookers and that good old gogo style.

Rawhide and Longgun are same as usual. the dancers there must have unionized, no turnover, same OLD girls.

Way too many places on Cowboy have turned Coyote. Sahara, Spicy, susywong,etc. I hope every one of those places will fail.

And there is now a ladboy bar on Cowboy

Tilac looks the same as ever, but i hate the place for some irrational reason, so i never go there.

And around the corner where the recently closed Dubliner was on soi 23 is indeed a new gogo bar. can't remember the name


Nana Plaza

Angelwitch 2 is a new one where Hollywood was on the bottom floor. GD ugly girls! thankfully there were only a couple of them so i could look somewhere else to spare my eyes. But they play that old "Classic Rock" some folk like.

Playschool looks a little different but basicly the same same.

Rainbows 1,2,3,4 all the same. All OK by me except for Rainbow 3, I absolutely hate having a couple of sourpuss old lady waitresses sitting right in front of me, arguing about whatever, like they don't want to walk very far because they know you'll checkbin in a couple minutes just because they're right the fuck in front of you, blocking the center of attention... dancing girls! ugh i hate that place ever time i set foot in there, but i always forget just how awful it is. Sorry for the Rant

Wild Thing is a new place top floor. The girls really dance at least on opening night. They had a opening deal where you could slap yellow stickers on the girls butts and whoever got the most sticker would win 1000B. But the stickers wouldn't stick!

Carnival is finally closed but "this bar could be yours" says the sign. What a place. i think even the mechanical bull was embarrassed to be there.

What used to be VooDoo on the bottom floor now appears to be a ladyboy bar

Next door to the old Voodoo is a newly named (Biohazrd?) can't remember

Lolipop and Spankys are the same old tourist traps

Mandarin upstairs is always good, still can't figure why the upstairs never opens up, Maybe its a firetrap

Mandrin on the second floor is kinda like Pattayas Beach club but not so raunchy. tabledancing

Fantasia no idea

Erotica secondfloor left corner is good and popular with punters.

Straps, no idea

Gspot is gone and looks like it's being remodeled. I don't think i'll miss it but it did have a crazyness to it... like you' never know what you were in for.

That's all i got. i'll be out to Cowboy tomorrow. If you're there, look for a fat man with a long red beard. That WON"t be me. Haha

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And around the corner where the recently closed Dubliner was on soi 23 is indeed a new gogo bar. can't remember the name


Ship Inn not Dubliner and I think now called Crazy House.


Thanks for review although I rarely go inside the gogo bars these days, infact I haven't done for many years now.

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Crazy House - booted out the Ship Inn and the photo shop next to it. The bar took over the whole building, top to bottom. I'm told gogo isn't supposed to be allowed off of Soi Cowboy, but the police can do anything they want.


I'll put in a plug for the Doll House. Happy hour until 9.30pm, decent enough looking girls, no hassle over drinks ... in fact you have to call them over to sit with you! How many bars do you see that in these days?


I've walked past Nana a number of times, but had no desire to go in. It just looks too hard sell these days. :(

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Yup, Mandarin's been one of the very few go-gos with the goods during my recent visits, especially for Nana - others are either Japanese, or just too dismal to take seriously. But second floor often low staffing levels, for varied reasons.



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Chili (ex Erotica ont the first floor) is a fav of mine. Has some cute girls. Good shower show from a very eager girl.

Buy her a drink and you get to towel her off :hubbahubba:

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Spent NYE at Dollhouse and was the most fun I have had in years. Still finding styrofoam beads in all the wrong places

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Many thanks Dashiling for your report.


Well, well, given your review, what can be said about the general state of NEP?

It seems to be a shadow of old days, of old times. Obviously this is also true for Soi Cowboy.


Due to illness, I have not been in Siam for a long time. So I did not visit NEP and SC and I do not own authentic experiences that are from more recent times.

But your summarise reveals:


My beloved, my adored NEP and SC are “kaputtâ€, shagged out, are on the rocks.


What a pity!


Nep and SC have reached a state that we guys, we sanukers, feared long ago.

We have discussed already 10, 12 years ago about the condition, as NEP and SC present themselves today.


Too expensive, high prices, professionalized girls, cold and bad atmosphere, rip-off mentality.

Bars we know from the western countries; like in Hamburg-St. Pauli, a very famous entertainment district.


Compared with older times: the prices for drinks and lady drinks are ridiculous.

4000 Baht LT for a lady? Ooooh my goodness!

The girls seem to be completely professionalized.


This is the swansong, the last hurray for NEP.



It is “High Season†now, the first days of January 2014.

My questions:


How many visitors, how many customers do the gogo bars have nowadays?

Are they full or visited mediocre or are the bars empty?

Have the bars enough sales to survive?

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i say with the baht a 2 year low now is indeed 'high season' for punters, but I doubt they wanna go here...

cuz of the sad state of affairs :)

have the fkk's improved as of lately? still not much asians/thais right? :)

romanians probably the coldest bitches on earth leaving the ruskies of pattaya seem at least lukewarm ;)

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