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Spanky's -- What's The Deal With This Place?

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On one night this past week I was in Nana, and I had heard that Spanky's was a bar that needed to be checked out. I'm sure any Nana regulars here know the story with this place. I figured from the signs out in front that there would be some kind of S&Mish kind of action here. I'm not particularly into that, but thought what the hell, how often in life will you have a chance to see a go-go bar that does that.


ANyway, I went in. I got sat down on a stool right at the stage. If a girl was dancing in front of me, her butt was close enough that if I leaned over my face would hit it. Inches away basically.


I didn't stay long. WHat I got to see was that some girls would carry these sort of hollow styrofoam tubes that they would whack another girl on the ass with. With my vantage point, it appeared that these tubes didn't seem to have any effect on the girl being hit in terms of sting or pain, or it didn't seem to at least. Eventually teh dancers switched for a slightly different type of show. I was there for 3 different sets. The tube-whacking was about as S&M-ish as it ever got, which is to say, not very. It struck me as pretty gimmicky, not sure if it would seem anything other than slightly funny or amusing to customers.


Do the shows there get much more interesting than that? I guess I was going in thinking, hmm, let's see if a show like this has any effect, if it's arousing or not. From the brief bit of show I got, the answer was No. But maybe I was there too early or something, or missed the good types of shows. I dunno.


I think I was there a half hour tops.

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Spanky's is not at all an S&M place. The tubes are just flexible foam. The girls will often hit customers with them - if you prompt them a bit. Unless they really try hard to hurt you, it doesn't even sting - it just makes a lot of noise.


They do periodically have "shows" - girl or girl, foam, but no "pussy shoots darts" or any of that stuff. I have seen them bring a guy on stage, lie him down on a bench they bring up, and partially undress him - and then rub themselves on him. But - all in pretty good-natured style.


The owner, Marc, tries hard to recruit and motivate his staff to HAVE FUN while they are performing - smile, and joke around. But - if he's not around, it often doesn't happen.




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