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Oh No! Arctic Vortex Ii


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I got a kick out of my mother in law a couple of mornings ago.

My wife and I were video chatting, and my mother in law comes into view with large bath towels all wrapped around her head and shoulder area. Said she was very cold. I asked my wife how cold is it?

She says about 65 degrees there in the morning. All I could do was chuckle

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ABC News is claiming that last week's heatwave in Victoria killed several hundred people more than the state coroner would normally have to concern himself with over the same period.




Here in Shitsville, NSW, we are enjoying our first day under 35 deg C in over 2 weeks : Jan 3 was the worst day I can recall enduring in my 54.75 years on the planet. Well over 45 deg C with a 'blast furnace' wind that felt like someone just opened the oven door and jammed your head in for a better look - the novelty of Summer has well and truly worn off.

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