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What Is Going On In Bangkok Nightlife?


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Agree completely.

Besides....people change over time...interests differ from days gone by.

I read the Board from time to time...but rarely post these days

I've made some very good friends over the years through this Board....we still keep in contact...but privately


As an aside......an update from my crazy posting of 6 or 7 years ago....my new partner & I had a visit from Miss P a couple of weeks ago


We all had a great night and everyone got on famously.......at midnight Miss P "Rang the Bell" and bought drinks for Mrs DS's birthday to celebrate her reaching exactly half my age....and Yes....I'm well over 40....LOL


Life is great..... and getting better every day


Cheers DS.....the Artist previously known as DC

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Taking inflation into account, that 280 to 300 is about the same as 130 to 150 ten to twelve years ago. I don't think that's the issue.


What I saw happening, over a period of about a year, a few years ago, was some VERY unpleasant treatment of those guys you talk about, to the point that they said "Posting on Thai360 isn't sanuk anymore, and life is too short to do things that aren't sanuk." Take a look at the responses to some of the last Trip Reports.


The inflation that you mention indicates an inflation rate of ~100% over a twelve year period. That is probably a might high but in essence you are right. Bangkok has become much more expensive than it was 15 years ago. I used spend some time in Bangkok when I came to Thailand before, nowadays I stay in Bangkok 1 or 2 days, mainly for shoping. I find that I get much more value for my money elsewhere.

As for the the treatment of newbies, I have posted quite some time ago that the board has to a large extent been taken over by a clique of expats living in bangkok. This clique won't tolerate any diverging opinions. If any newbie posts something that is not to their liking they will respond with condescending and derogatory responses. The automatic response to anyone not living in Bangkok is: You don't live here so you don't know anything and are completely stupid, Just shut up and piss off.


I joined this board nearly 15 years ago with the hope of geting some information about Thailand and maybe make some new friends. I have done both through the years but I would say that it would not be possible today. There is very rarely any wothwhile information on the board and making friends require arse kissing which I'm not very good at.


When I arrive in Thailand next week I will bypass Bangkok due to anti democratic thugs taking over the streets. I come to Thailand to relax and enjoy myself and that is what I intend to do.



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Ditto on meeting good friends.


I do wonder where Hugh Hoy went. He and I are plank-holders in the Bangkok chapter of one of the most exclusive clubs on the planet. "DVT/PE Survivors League": There are no meetings, there is no newsletter, there are no T-shirts, and we've already paid our dues.

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@ Specialist and Dumsoda


Reasons for the increase of prices:


1. Inflation

The argument of inflation is important, but does not explain everything.

There is an inflation of about 4 % to 5 % per year in Thailand. Roughly.

That explains a part of the price rise. Yes.


2. Western incomes stagnate

Are wages and salaries increased by 50% in the last 10 years in the western countries?

No! Not in the USA and not in Germany.

I think that I know the economical development of the western countries fairly, tolerably.


3. The Thai Baht is stabel

The Thai Baht is relatively stabel to Western currencies!

In 2003 and 2004 I got 50 to 52 Baht for the Euro.

I remember that the US-Dollar paid 43 to 46 for the Baht in those years.


Today I get 44 Baht for the Euro only.

The Dollar 33 only.


4. The positive economic development of Thailand in the last decades

Thailand has been changed from a Third World Country into a well emerging nation! The Thai economy has millions of new jobs in the industry

and the service sector; well paid for Thai standards; and the economy is growing. So there are more jobs for millions of Thais; for our girls too.


These briefly outlined issues make clear that Thailand has become more and more expensive for western tourists.



Nasiadai alias Bakwahn

formely PC-Support and Networkadministration

Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

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Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, lower Sukumvhit


A brief review of the history of this entertainment area.

Here I repeat what I wrote elsewhere. I have revised the text and updated


For those who are interested. For the ambitious reader who wants to look behind the scenes.



I came for the first time to Bangkok and Siam at the beginning of the 90ties; more than 23 years ago.

I enjoyed the gogo bars, the freelancer places and the girls. It was so different from my experiences at home in German discos, summer parties,

birthday parties and other celebrations and locations where you can meet girls and women. It was amazing: I entered a bar and two minutes later

I had a beautiful girl in my arms, dressed in a bikini only, my hands exploring her body, my lips kissing her sweet mouth, enjoying her emotions,

her cheerfulness, her smile. An affect-cocktail of disbelief, of high spirits and intense sense of pleasure started shivering through my mind and body.


I am still fascinated by the girls-scene on lower Sukumvhit, although today I am an aging boy and handicapped by a stroke.



Nasiadai alias Bakwahn

formely PC-Support and Networkadministration

Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

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Part 1: A look back


Let us have a look back into history of Thai P4P scene.

That is very helpful to explain the confusing situation of today.

So let us have a look back in the history of sanuk-tourism in Siam.


A short history of the P4P scene in Thailand.


It started all at the end of the Vietnam War in the year 1975.

While the American troops left Siam, the country of “rest and recreation†for their stressed soldiers, male holidaymakers from

the western countries were flocking in and replaced the withdrawing American soldiers.

The sanuk scene in Bangkok and Pattaya started growing and developing:

More beer bars, more gogo bars, more venues and gathering places for freelancers.

And more girls were attracted from around the country coming to Bangkok and Pattaya, populating those venues.

Accommodation, beverages, food were cheap and the girls were willing, eager, keen and cheap and more farlangs kept coming.

Mainly fro, the Anglo-American world and the German speaking world.

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Part 2: Nana Plaza


First I give you a concrete example: the Nana Plaza in Bangkok

At the beginning of the 1990s there have been about 16 to 18 bars or so; mostly gogos; and there was the legendary Woodstock bar, the famous music club.

On the left side there was the Swiss restaurant Matterhorn and on the right a travel agency and many free and empty spaces, “black holesâ€, empty spaces.

On the third floor there was the Nana Guest House with short time rooms, and opposite a dubious massage parlor.

Bars like Sexy Nights, DC-10, Spider’s Web, Hogs Breath, Farlang Connection etc. were relatively small, a little bit shabby, but beverages and lady drinks,

barfines and the girls were cheap! The atmosphere was great and the girls willing and had great attitude!


Singha beer 50 to 60 Baht, lady drink same, barfine 200 to 300 Baht, ST 500 Baht, LT 1000 Baht.


According to my experiences and approximate estimate there have been working about 400 girls at that time in the bars of the plaza.

All those bars were owned and managed by Thai ladies or by some stranded farlangs.


Four, five years later – around 1995 - professional companies (investors) came like the Hollywood Group, the Crown Group, and the Rainbow Group

with some money in the back. They wanted to transform the gogo bars into profit centers. The new bars got larger, more modern with a

modernistic interior; and many more girls.


The result: a wave of modernization, commercialization and professionalization began.


In the years 2001 - 2003 the plaza reached its highest increment, its greatest stage of extension. There was no space left: rien ne va plus.

In the first years of the new decade there were about 35 bars or more and – according to my experiences – with about 2.000 girls working in the bars.

The Nana Plaza had reached its highest point, its peak.

The last 4 years several bars went out of business, went bankrupt. The most prominent bar is Carousel Bar of the Hollywood group;

one of the biggest with the most girls.


The result:

Prices exploded, went through the roof; for beer, beverages, barfines, girls.

Today Nana Plaza is not a cheap pleasure any more; it changes in a place for “3-weeks-millionairesâ€.


And that means:

The decline, the descent of Nana Plaza has begun. The decline of Bangkok’s and Thailand's P4P scene has begun.

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Part 3: Pattaya


A short look at Pattaya. 20 years ago Pattaya had about 25 gogo bars. Today maybe 70! 75 or 80?

The numbers of beer bars increased too.

According to my calculations and experiences in the beginning of the 1990s there have been working about 10.000 girls in Pattaya;

in the last years maybe 15.000 or 20.000 girls. My personal estimation.



What began in Bangkok, spilled over to Pattaya a few years later .

Prices exploded, went through the roof; for beer, beverages, barfines, girls.



Nasiadai alias Bakwahn

formely PC-Support and Networkadministration

Hamburg Bangkok Duesseldorf

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