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Png, 1 Week Working Visit, Would You?


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Well, would you?


Might consider taking a quick working trip there if the $$$ is right. Will, I think, be in Port Moresby or the safest place I can be as necessary. What would you want for a week of your life there?


Do's 'n dont's?


ST/LT? (Okay maybe not!)

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Yacht Club, good disco, was decades ago, rule of thumb, be careful, very very very, careful, if it looks dodgy, don't go there.


Get a car and driver,


It's not as bad as it's reputation, but it's up there with many African venues,


Don't ever piss someone off,


I first worked there in late 80's and loved it, will be back some time next few months

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have a buddy there right now and this is his second biz trip there of about a months duration...

he didnt get any specific 'risk fee' or anything but at least he has his own armed driver & instructions not to go anywhere except the secured 5* hotel & secured office.

any fun? nah, but able to survive if the money is right? sure!

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For starters $1000 US a day would be my asking fee + all expenses. Definately arrange an armed driver. G4S operate up there but they don't really have the pick of the crop working for them. I can put you in touch with someone who runs private security if you are interested. Just PM me.


My suggestion would be to stay at Lamana Hotel. Good location and it has the added advantage of having a nightclub on the premises. One of the downsides of Port Moresby is because of the security issues once you are at you hotel there's fuck all to do. At least at Lamana you can go to the club. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights it's open until 3.00 am and there are actually some decent girls who get there. The higher class and mixed girls.


Port Moresby is an eye opener. The locals are primitive and many wonder the street armed with large bush knives. They are generally friendly but due to high levels of serious crime and dangers of violent clashes, ethnic disputes, carjacking, and endemic levels of cholera, high levels of HIV, and malaria people tend to stay away. I witnessed a couple of battles, one serious one on the parkland near the airport.


They now have a large western style shopping mall (Vision City) within walking distance from Lamana. I walked it a couple of times but was always on edge and my driver advised against it. Let me know if you need any more info.


Worth a visit just for the experience. Puts the rest of the world in perspective....

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