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For Those Considering Marrying A Lao, Yes, This Is Sanuk!


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Finally, today, I've found English versions of the relevant documents.


You'll note that in article 3 of the Law, 'it is forbidden to force or hinder another individual’s marriage'. And article 47 gives the foreigner the same rights as a Lao.




But then there's the Prime Ministerial Decree.


Article 5 is the one I'm stuck on presently as my Lao girl is employed in a sensitive part of the Establishment.




I hope that these present some clarity for those who want to marry a Lao.

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Very interesting documents. I'd be interested to see similar English translations for the relevant parts of Thai law.


I can see your dilemma and likely much will depend on the very nature of her work and how sensitive it is considered. Perhaps more than that since Art.5. states the freedom to marry authority rests with the 'related authority' it could be her, and your, relationship with her superiors that might have a large bearing in the matter.


As with all relationships where choices have to be made it may be that consideration needs to be given to her work changing in order to make things more acceptable to all. I'm sure that once married, no matter her area of operation now it would be perhaps highly unlikely that she would progress much further in a sensitive occupation.

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