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Facebook In Vietnam


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Scooby my friend, oldest trick in the book.


Change your DNS Settings





From iPad home screen





WIFI (The one you want to connect to) Up to this bit it is just like choosing wireless network


Once Connected you need to change DNS Settings by :-


CLICK the BLUE Arrow to Right hand Side of Network connected to

DHCP should be Highlighted in Blue

DNS (Fourth one Down)

DELETE Current Settings, (that is 8 dot 8 dot 8 dot 8 comma space 8 dot 8 dot 4 dot 4)



And that is it, Bypasses all Vietnam Blocked websites. it sounds complex but it is easy. Also works in every other country I have been in as well.


Let me know how you get on.



PS are you in HCMC yet or setting up in Advance?

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Yes, once DNS settings have been changed they are applicable to any wireless network you connect to anywhere in the world, it will do no harm setting you DNS manually where ever you are.


DNS = Domain Name Server, a server that changes a Universal Resource Locator (URL i.e. Facebook.com) and returns an IP address ( for example) for your computer to request, think of it as Directory Enquiries it is easier to remember someones name than there phone number. would look like 01000010 00111011 00110111 01101100 in pure binary form, which is what your computer uses, but even us mere mortals cannot remember 32 bit binary numbers hence the decimal representation


When you go online in say Vietnam it automatically allocates a Vietnamese DNS, so when you type in "Facebook.com" the Vietnam DNS will not return an IP address, hence the reason you get "address not found" basically a very low level filter.


By manually setting the DNS, when you now type in "Facebook.com" you are not asking the Vietnam DNS but a top level one, which will tell you the IP address and voila, Robert is your mothers brother. You are just using a different "Directory Enquiries". It is not a hack and there is nothing illegal about it.


If you ever get into problems, go back to DNS settings, Delete the, manually entered, disconnect from WIFI, Reconnect to WIFI and the ISP will automatically allocate local DNS for you, mind you I have never had a problem with it so I doubt you will.




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