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Happy Birthday Www


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I know it is hard to imagine nowadays but there was a time Pre-WWW.


12 March 1989 is recognised as the birth of the World Wide Web, WWW is not the internet we had JANET and ARNET years before but Tim Burners-Lee had this simple idea 25 years ago to allow all computers of various OS to share data.

developed at CERN, and TOGETHER with Robert Cailliau, lets not forget that :)

happy anniversary !



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My first computer was a Commodore 64, got it in 1984 I believe. Next came an Amiga 500 followed by my first PC, Commodore PC 30 (I think it was called).


First experience with the Internet was in '92/'93 when I worked as an intern at the research facility of a multi-national company.

Was mostly limited to email and gopher use.


First modem I had myself was 300 Baud I think, used it to connect to bulletin boards.



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