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Carrying ~300K On Soi Asoke ..


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so you want to spend 300K on new speakers, but complain about 9K visa fee.

explain me the logic in this.....




Who said anything about '300K on new speakers' ? That's my anticipated total spend - I'd be pretty keen to spend 300K on a pair of speakers only to have to lug them back to Penang ...


I put the 9K in the same category as I put a lot of discretionary spending - if it can be avoided, as yourself 'How ?'. I dont pretend that spending money on gear that is subject to a 50%+ markup on the manufacturers price is in any way 'smart money', but I dont own any Rolex watches either - horses for courses.

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When I brought $22,000 over from U.S., I wore shorts under a pair of jeans and carried the cash in an envelope in the front pocket of the shorts. I had no problems for the 2 days I spent in Bangkok before going to CM.


I was just watching a TV show about drug trafficking on the US-Mexico border. A guy that they picked-up (because he was acting nervously) turned out to a mule, delivering drug money back to Mexico. He had stashed money in the lining of his coat, in bundles strapped to his legs, and in his underwear.

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For those who feel I need to grow a set, feel free to expand on how you'd deal with Thai cops when they find themselves looking at roughly a year's pay for one of Thailand's finest and they've been told to search anyone they suspect of buying drugs on one side of Suk to sell on the other. If that isnt a dream gig for a (beat) cop, I dont know what is.


The only time I was stopped on the street it was a east-euro trash saying he was a thai cop. (uh-huh)

But I was in the car once when my friends Thai wife was stopped.


1st one I pulled out my id and badge, off he went. (fast)

2nd time, i pulled out my embassy ID and badge, accepted my salute, and off we went.


If you are still sweating it when I get there I could maybe get some one from the embassy to go with you for a few beers in payment.

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Can you please post more information on these "searches"? Or let me know where I can look it up? I may times carry cash in excess of what you mention in Bangkok, I get paid in cash for my job there. I'd like to get more informed on his,




stickman bangkok - just google for his weekly column. Reports re searches were a regular addition up until the start of 2014 - seems to have dropped off since then. Allegedly designed to intercept Farang couriers ferrying pharmaceuticals from the Klong Toey slums to the more upmarket side of Suk, presumably for sale to well-heeled club patrons at significant markup. Gotta love the entrepreneurial spirit in Thailand ;)

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