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Bitcoin In Thailand


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I know, but I like “Green Bashing”

This Article states the “Well to Wheel” carbon emissions of EV’s could be up to 67% of ICE, in China and India where a lot of electricity is fossil fuel around 30%.

So, in the “Ideal World” the so called “Net Zero” for EV’s is in fact “Net 33%” or in China “Net 70%” so the whole Net Zero concept that Politicians and the Greens are trying to sell us are a lie, there is no such thing, it is just a pipe dream.

What the article also mentions, which I am in total agreement with, is the need to decarbonise Electricity Generation. The Greens will have us believe this means No Fossil Fuels whereas in fact Fossil Fuels can be clean if CO2 Capture & Storage is utilized on existing Fossil Fuel Power Plants.

Today the only thing that stops grid collapse and total blackouts are the Baseload Fossil Fuel Power Plants, who’s output can be modulated on demand to meet requirements. You can’t control the weather to modulate wind or sunshine 

The Captured CO2 will then be used in Fire Extinguishers, Rubber and Plastic Production, Stunning Animals for Slaughter, Carbonated Beverage Production etc, the same things it is used for now but only it is generated by Carbon Dioxide Production Plants, believe it or not, on one hand “Let’s reduce CO2” and on the other “Let’s Make CO2’ you couldn’t make it up.

Most Greens and Tree Huggers are a weird bunch, spouting off about this that and the other without really having a clue what they are talking about and just like jumping on the Bandwagon much like Bitcoin investors or Social Media challenges.


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The following is not :: me being pro or anti Crypto, it's merely a post, to draw the valued readers attention, to what Bill Gates thinks of Crypto and NFTs.

"Don't count Bill Gates among the fans of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Those digital asset trends are "100% based on greater fool theory," the Microsoft co-founder said Tuesday at a TechCrunch conference, referencing the notion that investors can make money on worthless or overvalued assets as long as people are willing to bid them higher.

Gates added that he's "not long or short" crypto. And he mocked Bored Apes NFTs, joking that "expensive digital images of monkeys" will "improve the world immensely."

Instead, Gates said he prefers old fashioned investing. 

"I'm used to asset classes, like a farm where they have output, or like a company where they make products," he said.

His comments come as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are crashing. Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $69,000 in November 2021. Since then, the world's most valuable cryptocurrency has lost two-thirds of its value, tumbling below $23,000 on Tuesday. It has lost about 25% of its value since Friday..."



Or to view this story from Appalachia - if Crypto and NFTs don't actually put a chip in your brain, then Bill Gates wouldn't be interested in them...

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On 5/30/2022 at 3:59 AM, khunsanuk said:


How do you feel about the environmental impact bitcoin mining has due to the vast amounts of electricity used, mostly from fossil fuels?


My friend mines. Another thing its noisy as hell. I am probably going to get into as well. I consider myself an environmentalist to some extent. I want us to all go green and so forth but that would all go out the window for mining. Everything else I do (paper not plastic, etc). I'd be a hyprocrite for bitcoin mining for sure. 

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The joys of being outside traditional banking system...





""real liabilities but imaginary assets" and that a huge proportion of the assets are in exchanges' own tokens - such as FTX's FTT token - to which "they've assigned a spurious value in the billions"."



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