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Bitcoin In Thailand


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And what you're saying is that Crypto is a way to make money, I don't dispute that. I'm saying that is will not replace money despite that being a good idea.

"Most investors who trade stocks lose money," and there it is, the comparison to stocks.

"The big boys are in it, they just aren't saying it. You dont have a trillion dollar market cap just by the masses, its from billions invested in it from the big banks, the 1 percent. 

What do they know that you don't? "

Of course the Banks are in it, they'll seek to own what ever it is, that the proles have their money in. Then they loan you money to get more of it. Property, business, etc etc.

When Crypto has made all of society a better place and rich to boot, I'll resile from my scepticism, until then and if I live long enough, it's a thing that will lose me money if I go for it.

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I hear ya but I don't give a flying f*ck if it replaces money or not. Crypto has created scores and scores of millionaires of people who otherwise would have no chance and it created them quickly and in some cases without much money. They didnt have to rent a building, create a product or hire anyone. 

It has a trillion dollar market value. The only time in modern times that a trillion dollar industry has gone by the wayside is if something else replaces. I'm trying to think of a trillion dollar "business", "asset class" or whatever that has gone by the wayside. Billion dollar industries have (makers of VHS machines, etc) things that replaced by an improved product that replaces. Until something replaces cryptos, its here to stay and it won't be overnight. VHS tapes didn't go out of style overnight. The writing was on the wall months and months prior. 

All I know is that its been without question the best investment I've ever made. You guys have no idea...hehehe. 

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