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Because Nebs Said So


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Demps here signing on. Well, it's basically just rumours about old Nebsy, but I'm fairly


sure he instigated it. She died, but it wasn't murder I think. Just a kind of miss


understanding. A kind of tragic flurry of emotion. He loved her, but I don't think she


really deserved that. He really fucked it up I suppose. Still he still argues she had it


coming. Anyhow I've fucked it myself, spewing up all that greasy food from the 711.


I love Boz like a brother, but he seems to think an erection is for pissing over high


walls! Makes the most amazing music though.


I met this chick from Buriram, I speak a bit of Khmer, well how is your sister? How many


brothers you got? That type of thing.


I'm buying all my food from the 7-eleven now. Not that greasy crap, jesus those cocktail


sausages remind that tragic moment I kind of tried to research Japanese porn. No I buy


those crab sticks and prawn wonton soups.


Even still, my washboard stomach has slightly got heavier, and those chicks are starting to


notice. Still I think I put that Buriram girl up the stick - got to spread the love, kao



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Cheers I appreciate your support. But unfortunately my legal advisers, basically my solicitor has advised me to make no further posts.. In fact I'm breaching his advise by even making a reply to you.. I'm well known as a infamous target of the tabloid press. I wear my cover well, but still. I assure you will never discover who I am. And what's the problem with that? I'm taking a real risk here. Also I'm basically gifting Thai 360 with a story, written with what I hope you understand as an understated kind of style.


In fact fuck the legal advice - the story will continue very shortly It's not really a story either, it's partly fiction yes, but the events described are made plain as being real. I'll always reference where possible where I borrow from someone else = but I'm working here on a story that I hope will resurrect Thai360.com


I'm doing my personal best here - and I see this as a long term project. Not something I feel I can complete in just a few days.


Everybody helps me make my own mistakes, but if I'm left alone I'd make them anyway! Demps here signing off.


to be cont.

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Demps here again, by the Grace of God I've been given further advice and the good news (or bad, I suppose Nebs would say) is that I can continue to tell this true account of events.


Thanks again Acockasian - you are a gentleman and a true scholar and a friend, a special friend to me, not only me, but thai360. I don't say this lightly - thank you.


I've blown it in every single way, fucked it all up. Screwed every single chance that came...


Now let's get on with this story of my relationship with Oui... To be cont. v. shortly...

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/the cyre She's like show me how you do it? Well I shag like a man on fire - i lied and


told here that, and yes I did light the fire and shagged this young lady - admitting I


already have an extremely beutiful wife and a reputation that wasn't particularly kind of


the pressl


., what sort of ignorant qutiestion to ask me? Oui she said won't your\ ever know -


that you used to be so handsome with your blue eyes and blonde her - you came from Sweden


she asked, Yes I was born there, still got my euro passport but my parents took me to


Australia - I don't why, I waas a babe in arms at that point.I'm in love with you Oui. I


need you back. But you're justlike a dream. I wanted to share my love with her. She was


soft and lovely just like heaven. I've got the japanese t\eye of the tiger goindg. like


a dream. - I told Oui I will always love you An what is the cure? I woke up jepppp kinng




She took me to the pharmacy and sorted me out as I ordered the drugs.

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Well to me that shows real concern by her. It's a Demps here., I need my drugs ordered by myself, basically to control my animal instincts. , it wasn't what you think - well I fucked her at least three times - I'm not quite sure why I've got so much sperm in me, but I looked in the hongnam and there was sperm everywhere. You know that kind of ammonia like smell that gives off.


I had an erection like a bazooka - so I went and made love to her again firing off another shot.

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Boz here again, Demps he just told me give a man a mask an he will tell you the truth.


He claimed this for his own, but I've read Oscar Wilde ya cunt I'm thinking - but I'll indulge him I think as I sink the black ball. Beat you again you bastard - jing jing he said, you never proposed which pocket, which was a complete lie....

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Nebs here - the only way I could possess her was in the most lazy position of copulation: me


reclining on cushions: she sitting in the fauteuil of my flesh with her back to me. The


procedure—a few bounces over very small humps—meant nothing to her. She looked at the snow-


scape on the footboard of the bed— and at the curtains; and whilst holding her in front of me


like a child being given a sleighride down a short slope by a kind stranger, I saw her back,


her hips between my hands.


Like toads or tortoises neither of us saw each other’s faces.

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I went for an early morning walk to the bottle shop today 10AM Sunday. There are two cafes I


have to pass in order to reach my destination - it was extraordinary how people are actually


having to take ticket numbers and wait for like half an hour or more outside - to pay such


preposterous prices. These cafes have farcical menus - one egg omelete with sun-dried tomato


infused with basil and raspberry jus - only $16 the sign outside says. Or even what


essentially amounts to a can of baked beans with a sausage described as: haricots cuits au


four et saucisse italienne - followed by some asinine description of the meal in English and


advertised for $17, that's right $17. But weekend brunches are very fashionable in Brisbane


at the moment - the cafe owners must be raking it in - it really is quite clever of them


really, have to take my hat off to them I suppose.


Quaffing his Latte, with the sun glinting off his upturned fork - this gentleman had parked


his brand new BMW ostentatiously in front of the cafe. Almost certainly one of those big


four banks owns that car, but he's smirking as I overheard him telling his friends - well


it's really the rear suspension cradle I feel accounts for the precise handling...


Well good luck to him I suppose. I wonder when the Central bank finally raises the interest


rates so they can own even more of Australia if he'll still feel the same self-smug


satisfaction when the bank repossesses the car, sells it at some fire sale price to some


other cretin they can then do the exact samething to whilst holding the smirker over the


barrel as some kind of indentured servent insisting he repay his debt? What will he say over


his cheap instant coffee as he cries about the unfairness of it all to his mates, if they


even stick by him?


Well maybe not - just my petit bourgeois thoughts I suppose. Perhaps he's independently rich


and actually owns the car - I mean it's quite possible he's one of guys pulling off this


outrageous crime to sell Australia to the corporations.


Whichever way it was, I couldn't escape the notion (a six sense if you will) this guy was a


pretentious half-witted fool, so I walked quickly away.


My visit to the bottle shop was uneventful and I quickly made it home trying to now ignore


the cafes. I mind thinking that perhaps my thoughts were unkind - perhaps that guy works at


a children's hospital or is working on a cure for cancer or HIV, looking over and thinking,


no absolutely not, my initial assessment would almost certainly be on the money - anyhow time


to move on.



Perhaps about one hundred metres from where I stay there was a dead possum. These marsupials


are night creatures, viscious and sadistic night animals that will think nothing of creeping


into your room and assaulting you in your sleep, and they take full advantage of the law that


says you're not allowed to harm or interfere with them in anyway - kind of like a wife


relentlessly abusing you, even domestically abusing you and you are completely forsaken if


you lay a finger on a possum in Australia - they are well know for dropping on people walking


beneath trees and assualting them visciouly with teeth nail and a lethal poison in there tail

much like a scorpion- however they are native animals and so I do


agree with this - they should be protected, its the people who need to be careful - after


all, why didn't they look up and see the opossum lurking in the tree before they walked


underneath it? We need to preserve our ecology. But this possum had met his demise by


accident, pushing his luck too far I suppose - I must admit I didn't feel sad for him.


The creature must have been killed shortly after he woke up as dusk fell down - he woke up thinking, well I'll

just go across the street (then BAM! - perhaps that prick in the BMW), because a


downwind must have blown his already decomposing smell through 100m through the air into my


window as I went to sleep late at night. I presciently thought at the time - has a possum


been killed? My early morning walk confirmed my suspicions however I found it remarkable


that I could have detected that - almost like a sniffer dog. I suppose there are forensic


tests you could do to determine time of death etc. Look for paint marks - track the hit and run suspect down. But no matter how much one of the cafe


customers confess they love nature - they would trample over a thousand dead or even live


possums to get to their Lattes. It made me feel sad - people confess such love for such


creatures, then callously trample over them to the cafe [rephrase both sentences --> one]


He lay forlonly beside the footpath on the grassy verge, directly adjacent to the public


entrance to the police station that immediately neigbours my house, someone must have moved


him there, killer perhaps - perhaps he was killed elsewhere and the an accomplice changed their mind - or perhaps the impact bounced him there like a soccer ball? Or was this a


natural death, a heart attack, or kidney failure - poisoned? Perhaps they left the murdered


possum there for the police to discover. Well I thought, perhaps we will never know. I


nearly walked into the police station and demanded a criminal investigation - the kind you


might see on CSI. Well I must admit I was a little drunk.


I thought, maybe I should go get a shovel and bury the poor bastard? Might have to if the


wind direction changes again. The ants were already at work, but it didn't appear those


crows had considered him as a meal yet, perhaps they like their meat hung and aged for a


while? Where were the pidgeons, and the worms I suppose. It was sad, just lying like that all


alone and neglected - I considered the possibilities.


In Thailand possum is quite a delicacy, and for that reason they are quite rare. I


thought if I could get him on some ice and air freight him to Thailand I could clean up here.


Or perhaps even one of the cafe owners could continue the windfall by putting the poor


fellow on the menu - I could even suggest they describe it as opossum sauce à la truffe. Oh


well just my petit bourgeois thoughts I suppose.


Have to get back to Thailand tomorrow, but it's under sufference. Oui is not returning any of my calls or sms or email.


Hey, it just occurred to me - has anyone heard from Dempsey? Boz signing off.

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