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New Tax On Hotel Stays For Bangkok?


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My brother is trying to book a stay at the Ambassador Bangkok in June of this year and keeps running up against what seem to be new taxes. For example:


On one booking site it says:

The hotel will charge an additional fee at check in or check out 242.36,USD

Tax recovery charges and service fees $248.53 <==itemization of charges


On another bookit site it says:

The total price of your booking does not include extra city taxes.

Mandatory city tax to be paid at the hotel is between 19.74 USD and 212.1 USD


After a little reading, the tax recovery fee is apparently common in the United States (that's where he is right now) but I have not heard of this in Thailand. My take is that there are some mix-ups in the booking systems, but there is the lingering worry that a booking site might slip in some overlooked fine print and he'll be hit with a substantial and unexpected fee.


Has anybody run across this while booking or staying in Bangkok?

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never had a problem or heard of such substansial. usual taxes either included direct or specified to be added on agogo, booking.com etc is: 7% vat and 10% serv. charge when booking in thai baht/local curency.

if it has to do with being in the us try a proxy?

btw current price at ambassador is around 2500bt up for std double incl. taxes ;)

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