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Tramlining, Trammeling, Wander, Pulling On Eneven Roads?


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so i drive slowly say below 60kmh and everything is mighty.

then down on the chonburi motorway cruising 120kmh++ and suddenly the car got a way of its own wandering all over the place making the steering quite a challenge?


I suppose the car might need alignment, new tyres or whatnot but its also kinda fun lol as at least the cornering is superb on such suspensions or perhaps this car just need straight autobahns from the homeland ;)

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I think all vehicles have the idler arm, so when worn, they tend to drift, meaning you are constantly

adjusting the steering.

Some of the roads in LOS are badly worn with all the heavy truck traffic. On Rama 2, they were ruts

in the far left lane from the truck traffic. My little pick-em-up would try to track in the ruts but the

span of the wheels was different and it was impossible to drive in that lane at speeds above 60 Km!

They finally resurfaced the road and now it is OK.

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