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Google Flight Fare Finder


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I've posted this before, found some good deals,




But it doesn't integrate with the low cost carriers, like Air Asia, Tiger, Cebu, etc who I seem to fly all the time.


Good software, I did find a great Biz Class fare,


Cathay by the way has good specials on, Thai prices seem to be dropping?


As I fly 2 - 4+ times a month, getting a good ticket is important, but all local, so being part of Star Alliance no longer holds any allegiance

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Flight search engines are more or less the same, using the same data just cutting it up in a slightly different way.


Airlines are all members of IATA, a trade association representing and serving the airline industry world-wide. Effectively this is a cartel, who publish and fix the prices of flights which the member airlines have to adhere to.


Booking codes are generally unique to a particular airline. Airlines have different "buckets" of seats in three "fare classes." First, (F) Business, (J) Economy (Y)


These are then divided into subclasses. Unfortunately to confuse matters some coding may have a different meaning to other airlines, although basically following the same principle. Economy (Y) for example, will have additional lettered tickets. Each subclass generally corresponds to a different fare structure. For example the season, the month, and week. As the days approach to the actual flight date, the number of seats available at each different fare will fluctuate even some will transfer from one bucket to another.




Flights to destinations where there may be festivals going on, or Christmas when the airline can easily fill the plane to full capacity you will never obtain a cheap price, the airline will have over booked in any case.


No Demand


Applies when the airline has difficulty filling the aircraft for particular dates, these are the flights to try and obtain, however to any tourist destination these are not so easy to find.


Test Demand


This is a sale out of the blue, and will be for non peak days of travel, but keeps an interest in the airline. Obviously tickets will be at good prices and the ones to book.

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