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Coup Declared


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Army chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha announced Thursday that the armed forces were seizing power after months of deadly political turmoil.


The announcement was made after detaining leaders of rival political groups at a meeting meant to seek a solution to the political crisis.


In a televised announcement, Prayuth declared that the National Peacekeeping Committee was formed to seize power.


He claimed the power seizure was necessary to protect the life of the people.


"In order for the country to return to normal quickly the National Peace Keeping Committee comprised of the army, the Thai armed forces, the Royal Air Force and the police need to seize power as of May 22 at 4.30 pm," army chief Prayut Chan-O-Cha said.


He asked the public to go on their daily lives as usual.


The army is taking control of the government to restore order and push through political reform.


Thailand will take care of foreigners and continue relations with foreign countries, he said.


Prayuth and the police chief and other armed forces' chef went on TV to announce the coup after the seven-partite meeting discussing to find solution for ongoing political deadlock at the Army Club failed.


After the talk failed at 4:10 pm, Prayuth ordered the break of the meeting and the representativeswere taken away to the First Infantry Regiment, located next to the Army Club, the reports said.


The meeting mediated by Prayuth was attended by representatives of the red-shirt movement, the government, the Pheu Thai, the Democrat, the People's Democratic Reform Committee, the Senate and the Election Commission.




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Michael Yon just posted on Facebook ...


"Combat -- I just got information that there is ongoing combat at the Aksa Road UDD Red Shirt protest area between Army and UDD. Details sketchy. Am on my way to the battle, if there is one. If you are there, please make an update. Red Shirt contacts not picking up phones."


Gee, you mean the red shirts brought their weapons with them to protest?

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What seems funny is that after months with various warrants issued, people sought, claims to immediately detain certain people all with no action, not that any was expected. All of a sudden and in relatively no time many of the "names" are in custody, of some sort. Who'd a guessed it'd be that simple.

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I was just on the phone with a friend retired from the LAPD. He told me in their police training they are taught to secure the leaders first. With the leaders gone, the followers tend to go home.


p.s. Maybe this is why the "acting caretaker PM" refused to attend the discussions. :hmmm:

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Please tell us that Suthep Thaugsuban was arrested and handcuffed.





Meeting representatives taken away in over ten vans after talks fail



Crowd-control troops charged into the meeting room at the Army Club at 4:30 pm after the seven-partite talk erupted in heated disputes. :boxing:


Army Commander-in-Chief Gen Prayuth Chan-cha, commanders-in-chief and other armed forces and the police chief were seen leaving the meeting room together and leaving the Army Club in a car before the representatives to the meeting were arrested by troops.


They were taken to the First Army Regiment, which is located next to the Army Club.




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