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Coup Declared

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Free Mind â€@FreeMindXs 24m

#ThaiCoup RT @Ryn_writes: Told that there will be 3 more anti-coup gathering this evening. / So far, we know of Victory Monument and MBK.


Free Mind â€@FreeMindXs 23m

#ThaiCoup Additional protests: RT @Ryn_writes: @FreeMindXs Thammasart University, Tha Phra Chan campus.


Tulip Naksompop â€@Tulip_Oum 25m

Seem like people report to NPOMC today are well prepared, walking in with something look like overnight bag.


ThaiPBS English News â€@ThaipbsEngNews 1m

Lt Gen Charnchai fly to KhonKaen after soldiers seized large cache of arms& ammunition linked to violences in Bangkok



The Second Army Region commander Lt Gen Charnchai Phoothong flew to Khon Kaen province after soldiers seized a large cache of arms and ammunition that linked to violences in Bangkok.

A total of 21 suspects were rounded up and some have admitted to be ordered by the redshirt UDD in Bangkok to use the weapon to make a so-called “Khon Khen†model.

Army intelligence says the arms seizure in Khon Kaen had connection with the arm seizures in Lopburi, Samut Sakhon and engaged in violence in the capital.

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I have a question. Is the curfew nationwide or only for Bangkok? Is it for Thais only or everyone (which makes it silly since no one is out anyway). I know some people planning a vacation. i said I think its still okay probably for the following reason. Thailand thrives on the tourist dollar (or pound or euro). They know where their bread is buttered and Ive always been aware of an unsaid, unwritten rule that thai politics are domestic and do not include foreigners. They are exempt from the anger, etc. Jamaica is like that. It can be a vioent island, especially in Kingston but there is an unwritten rule that they only crime you do against tourists is removing them from their money with overpriced stuff. The criminals know that 1. they will be deat with severely and 2. they don't want Jamaica to suffer from lack of tourism. I've been to Jamaica many times.


Thailand seemed the same to me. I've gone during political strife and I've never felt unsafe. I've never felt like someone would take out their domestic political frustrations on me even if they would on the thai opposition.


Am I naive?

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Curfew is nationwide.

For everyone.

But they have given so many official exceptions to the curfew rule that many seem to ignore its existence. Restaurants etc are largely closed after 22.00 but far from all in my area.


On another note, spotted the first two soldiers at Huai Kwang intersection today! Not a full complement yet. Normally with every crisis there are about 10 soldiers at Huai Kwang is my experience. I was wondering why they were not there this time :p

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Confrontation between anti and pro-coup protesters at Major Ratchayothin, Bangkok [VDO]




(video is at website see link)

About 200 people protested against the military coup d'etat on Saturday 11am. in front of Major Cineplex on Ratchayothin road, while about a company of soldiers were deployed to maiintian law and order.


The situation become a bit chaotic when the protesters saw Porntipa Supattanakul, aka Fah Porntipa, a royalist who filed a lese majeste complaint against Saran Chuichai, aka Aum Neko, a transgender student activist, near the protest site. They then shouted at her and try to chase her out of the scene. Meanwhile, a group of pro-coup people gathered not far from the scene. The police and the military officers then tried to control the situation. (see video below)


At around 2pm the anti-coup protesters have moved to the Victory Monument for another protest.

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Nothing going on in my neighbourhood. Two soldiers stand at the main intersection and just keep an eye open for anything looking suspicious. Nana and Cowboy are open, but closing earlier. Pretty much as usual, as far as I can tell.

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Steve Herman â€@W7VOA 18m

Dozens of soldiers now moving on sidewalk but away from Victory Monument, intended end point for anti #ThaiCoup March pic.twitter.com/F6AO5FdrHN


Steve Herman â€@W7VOA 10m

Soldiers deployed near anti #ThaiCoup street march destination. @ Thammasat University http://instagram.com/p/oX2nmCSpIS/


Richard Barrow â€@RichardBarrow 4m

3:25pm - RT @BkkBanker: Group of 100 people walking down Phahonyotin Rd. Blocking the road pic.twitter.com/XbzwozJnBd


Richard Barrow â€@RichardBarrow 4m

3:28pm - RT @AlexisGalon: Soldiers 300m ahead blocking the streets


2Bangkok â€@2Bangkok 4m

Fears thousands of Australians could be stranded in Thailand or not covered by travel insurance http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/may/23/julie-bishop-says-thailand-volatile-after-coup-ambassador-called-in …

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Yes Stephff has done many great cartoons this week :) The lady liberty one wearing the safety first helmet while discarding the democracy symbols and the Prayuth as the hulk one :)


Tulip Naksompop â€@Tulip_Oum 1h

-@ktnews reports Jarupong Ruangsuwan former interior minister post on his FB, he's in hiding safely in e-San and will not report to NPOMC.


Ryn C. â€@Ryn_writes 9m

Can't walk any further as police officers are forming line, blocking the way to Victory Monument pic.twitter.com/PS4NRjn0Y2


AndrewBuncombe â€@AndrewBuncombe 7m

Troops in bangkok now pushing protesters back. Some scuffles.


AndrewBuncombe â€@AndrewBuncombe 14m

Route of anti-coup protesters in Bangkok is being blocked by cops and these troops. pic.twitter.com/6F3YSX5FZj


The Nation Thailand â€@nationnews 2m

Police, troops block road to stop procession of anti-coup protesters http://www.nationmul...30234517.html … pic.twitter.com/mGCCoWEUTq


AndrewBuncombe â€@AndrewBuncombe 1m

Right now, anti-coup protesters in bangkok easily outnumbered by cops and media. But more protests due later this evening.

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Steve Herman â€@W7VOA 5m

“@Stone_SkyNews: Protesters now pushing soldiers back. Very tense. Riot soldiers not armed but armed ones behind. pic.twitter.com/z5WB8rNhnU


Richard Barrow â€@RichardBarrow 40s

3:50pm #Thailand is Breaking News on Sky News with Mark Stone describing the scene in #Bangkok as "incredibly tense" pic.twitter.com/QgTcQ9YIcJ


Tulip Naksompop â€@Tulip_Oum 1m

3:58PM Cars and non-protesters all clear from the protest area. RT @joize_nna: ทหารเคลียร์ปชช.ที่ไม่เà¸à¸µà¹ˆà¸¢à¸§ ออà¸à¸ˆà¸²à¸à¸žà¸·à¹‰à¸™à¸—ี่ม็อบà¸à¸±à¸šà¸—หารà¹à¸¥à¹‰à¸§


Sunai â€@sunaibkk 2m

Worrying situation as soldiers blocking anti-coup protesters from marching to Victory Monument. Standoff at Soi Pahol 14.


veena T. â€@veen_NT 2m

“@Juarawee: MT @joize_nna 3.42PM Mobs start throwing water bottle, 3 cars caught in middle pic.twitter.com/9x5zat9GNwâ€


Patric Youngsamart â€@PatricLand 9m

3.42 PM Protesters throwing bottled waters to Riot soldiers ( YES they still asking for Peace ) RT @joize_nna: pic.twitter.com/SOLMScpQ4W


Turdsak Numsakul Esq â€@bkkbase 7m

#ThatAwkwardMoment when people throw things at armed soldiers during a coup.

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