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Coup Declared

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Hms seems tobe a developing repeat theme-

I was living full time here and as I remember in 91-92 the civilian populace rose up against the coup junta with many

protests which in turn led to conflict and then the killings. I faintly remember a general who had appointed himself prime minister as

well albeit briefly-As STONE SOUP SAID the police have been useless causing the Army to stepup


I m shocked Yinglak is still n LOS-She got caught offguard...

The army has to keep order or else it all goes to shit

Funky scene

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Thailand never heard of the trias politica ..... independent organisations bad *SIGH*


Patric Youngsamart â€@PatricLand 1h

ChiangMai anti-coup says independent organisations are bad for democracy RT @KobkarnL: “@issarar: pic.twitter.com/tGQf429F98


AndrewBuncombe â€@AndrewBuncombe 5m

Army spokesman Col Werachon Sukhondhadhpatipak says Gen Prayuth does not intend to visit King. Documents dispatched to palace for signing.


Saksith Saiyasombut â€@Saksith 33m

Naew Na reports Yingluck is being moved to military base in Saraburi and to be detained for 3 days: http://www.naewna.com/politic/104848


Michael Peel â€@Mikepeeljourno 1h

...#thaicoup. One man detained amid shouting and shoving. looked briefly like it cd get nasty. Woman yelled "kill me!" at advancing troops..

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Alissara P. â€@AlissLove 5m

Foreigner and #Thai #solider at Khao San R. #ThaiCoup #Thailand #smile #political #crisis photo by @nationphoto pic.twitter.com/6oXpbqcZ7i


Richard Barrow â€@RichardBarrow 3m

10:20pm - RT @TielandThailand: Vendors & food stalls at Chiang Mai Gate showed little signs of closing by curfew. City is relaxed



Tieland to Thailand @TielandThailand · 9m

Army Checkpoint on Nimman Rd, just south of Nimman Soi 17. Increased Police presence througout the city.

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Rajprasong_News â€@Rajprasong_News 7m

#Thailand Democrats' Abhisit, Sirichoke, Chamni, Nipit were released at 00:20 am this morning via@Thairath


Rajprasong_News â€@Rajprasong_News 4m

#Thailand Pheuthai's Chaikasem, Varathep, Chatchart, Dr Chusak, Mohammad Wan Nor Matta were also released at 1 am this morning via@Thairath


Richard Barrow â€@RichardBarrow 15m

Wow! They’ve done a fast job cleaning Ratchadamnoen ถนนราชดำเนิน. Now open to traffic (@7_preysor) #Bangkok #Thailand pic.twitter.com/3tBjJaJ0Yy


Tara Milutis â€@whitegirlinasia 26m

Many Thais support the coup, and become indignant when foreigners and int'l media voice their opposing opinions


Rajprasong_News â€@Rajprasong_News 20m

#Thailand Where is Yingluck? She is at Adisorn Military Camp in Sraburi via@Thairath


Rajprasong_News @Rajprasong_News · 1m

#Thailand RN: Red leaders are being detained at Srakao military Camp Source: National Security Council


John Le Fevre @photo_journ · 1h

We don't need you or your people - allegedly what #coup leader Prayuth told foreign embassy representatives yesterday pic.twitter.com/mW4mQlhQsp

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Andrew Chant â€@andrewchant 28m

Small anti coup protest at Major Rachayothin


Andrew Chant â€@andrewchant 21m

Army trying to stop anti coup protest at Major Rachayothin. Police pleading through loudspeakers


Andrew Chant â€@andrewchant 16m

Police readying paddy wagon at Major Rach anti coup protest.


Andrew Chant â€@andrewchant 13m

Protesters shouting lurk dang - elections! Getting more tense.


Andrew Chant â€@andrewchant 10m

Anti coup protesters at Major Rach being told they've broken the law.


Andrew Chant â€@andrewchant 8m

Small army team with riot shields attempting to remove anti coup protesters at Major Rach

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Richard Barrow â€@RichardBarrow 6m

11:15am Anti-coup protesters at Major Ratchayothin calling for elections - RT @Ryn_writes: pic.twitter.com/4RSqvtd6sC


Panu Wongcha-um â€@panuw 7m

there were also weapons discovered behind red shirt stage at Aksa road: army spokesman


Panu Wongcha-um â€@panuw 8m

army also discovered large armanent intended to instigate violence in Northeastern province of Khon Kaen: army spokesman


Zashnain Zainal â€@bedlamfury 53s

RT @StrontiumDog1: Protest getting bigger all the time. pic.twitter.com/3bgStNL1fN


Panu Wongcha-um â€@panuw 4m

14 channels, including @Voice_TV, will remain off air under original order of the martial law: army spokesman


Richard Barrow â€@RichardBarrow 1m

11:30am - RT @Ryn_writes: Army trying to keep people out of the area. pic.twitter.com/0tu8N9PAxt


Ryn C. â€@Ryn_writes 1m

Anti coup demo @ Major Ratchayothin. Police ask people to disperse and go home to no vail. pic.twitter.com/YcSAol565h

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Turdsak Numsakul Esq â€@bkkbase 1m

@scomma Seems like the easiest way to stop Red Shirt protests in Thailand would be to close all the McDonalds


StrontiumDog â€@StrontiumDog1 2m

Face off pic.twitter.com/ZO5zp14X9D


Andrew Chant â€@andrewchant 1m

50 to 100 protesters still shouting at Major Rach. Joint army and police team asking them to leave. Riot officers standing, watching.


StrontiumDog â€@StrontiumDog1 1m

Protest getting bigger and more vocal at major ratchayothin now pic.twitter.com/M0kme0w99n


Ryn C. â€@Ryn_writes 7m

Anti coup demo @ Major Ratchayothin. Police ask people to disperse and go home to no vail. pic.twitter.com/YcSAol565h

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Ryn C. â€@Ryn_writes 3m

I asked a police officer if they will let anti-coup people walk to 11th Infantry Regiment or keep them here. He said he can't say.


Ryn C. â€@Ryn_writes 1m

@jonrussell I would say 150-200, excluding police, soldiers and press.


I am in contact with Andrew Chant, whose tweets I retweeted earlier. He is a longtime good friend. He says max 100 protesters there, the rest either military, police or onlookers.


Tan Hui Yee â€@Tan_Hui_Yee 5m

Thai military spokesman says it hopes to "change the opinion" of the roughly 150 politically linked people being detained.


Free Mind â€@FreeMindXs 3m

#ThaiCoup RT @noithamma: money exchange shops searched, feared of being supporters of violence. More than 10 million taken of them

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